Good things to Write a Book about

The good things to write a book about

Here's the thing. A friend is not a good editor (hire a professional editor). Extend your writing skills with these great books and videos:. Maybe you could just relax, do everyday things and one day let the idea pop up in your head. That would be a good way to be creative without the pressure of the classroom.

There are 11 things you can write about when you don't know what to write about.

They sit down at the computer to write an essay for your website and..... your brain became empty. Being someone who has over a hundred blogs every year - an average of over 1,500 words - I learnt one or two things about topic selection. Well, here are eleven things you can write about if you don't know what to write about.

What are you guys in your business on about? Awareness of the latest fashions and themes in your business means you'll probably find some great threads to post. Enter any website or subject and you'll quickly see a listing of the most used articles for your targeted area. Find out more about our forum in your sector.

In most sectors, there are well-liked discussion panels or communities that address issues that affect their algebra. Search for common themes that receive many postings and you will probably find a good theme for an item. Most of the property items I write, for example, come from the biggest on-line property bulletin board, the BiggerPockets board.

Continue to a past favorite article. Grab a page from Hollywood's book: Continue! -Yours would be a successor to a former contribution that worked well. Most of the blog entries are at least some of the others. To piggyback on the hit of this mail and write a follow-up!

Nobody wants to write a review that nobody will ever write about; why not write about things that make everyone snoopy? Enter a term or sentence and you will immediately receive a related topic listing. And best of all, you can see how much you like these themes by looking at the number of search queries per months for different words.

Make your big error. As an example, my contribution "The Worst Real Estate Deal I've Ever Done (And How You Can Aid the Same Mess)" was one of the most beloved I had by then. The simplest way to turn off a message is to ask someone else by e-mail and reply.

Then write an introductory section with two paragraphs, followed by your questions and answers. The Observer recently featured Ryan Holiday (author of the new book Ego is the Enemy, which I strongly recommend!) as a perfect illustration of this tip. Summarise and discuss a great book. You been reading anything astonishing lately? So why not make a short abstract and look through the book?

Reviewing books can help the writer get more readers and also help you get your audiences acquainted with something that has changed your world. Contrary to another item. Did you recently see a posting you didn't agree to? Make a contrapuntal item that represents a case for an opposite perspective.

Next, let the initial writer know; if you were respectable in your contrast, you could just begin a great dialog in the comment area. Then have a look at the most popular blogs on Listing entries, often also referred to as "listicles", are the most frequent kind of blogs entries that exist, and for good reason:

Folks just like reading them! They' re pretty simple to write and simple to use. If you' re looking for your next blogs posting ideas, think of a playlist you can put together. Then just write a few phrases under each posting; and before you know it, you have 992 words.

Exactly like in this film! The next sitting down to write an essay, just select one of the above 11 theme suggestions and begin to write.

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