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Anything good about writing

Be it fiction or non-fiction, it's good to have a finish line for the day. You think relentlessly of things from your reader's point of view: Ten best things writing gives me Writing about The Ten Best Things About Being a Full-Time Writer a few week ago, many folks have added their own things, most of them focusing on the outcomes. Thought it was a great thought, so here are the ten best things writing gives me.

Every acre I awake with the awareness that I have a full working days of not only great writing but also a clear, important purpose for my work. It' a focal point. I' m one of those who want to know everything. It is a boon that I would not act for the whole wide planet, but it also means that I can very quickly loose my spot.

The writing gives me the concentration on my inquisitiveness. Reduction of stresses. Like I said last night, writing is so much more difficult under pressure, but writing is also the best way for me to reduce my itch. Okay, given, not everyone in the whole wide globe wants to talk about slave trade in the US, but a lot of them do.

Lots of kind persons ask me with real interest for my books, and so we can discuss them. Of course I am learning a great deal in research, but writing also tells me about myself. Frequently I don't know why something disturbs or arouses me until I am writing about it.

Last year I was lucky enough to see many astonishing individuals, all because of this work. I' ve seen young women who want to comprehend the experiences of their forefathers and older men who recall the tales their grandmas used to tell them about the days of the slaver. I' ve done a great deal of work in my lifetime - education, research, sales of books, fund raising - and I was very much honored that I never had to do a profession that I detested.

Well, in this lifetime, in which I mainly work, learn, research, collect, I find myself very satisfied. There is something about the act of everyday creating that is renewing my hopes in the whole wide globe and in myself every time. But my writing career doesn't have to end.

Writing gives me more than anything else in the whole wide oceans of the earth. There is nothing that refills me or calms me..... nothing opens me or earths me like writing. Though in the middle of sorrow and rage, even when my boyfriendships develop and people I love are dying, writing still gives me profound serenity?

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