Good Story Openings Examples

Examples of Good Story Openings

But, for me, a good opening movement really begins with the voice. Daydreams and dreams can be good starting points for a good story! When you feel stuck, look at examples of famous opening lines to get inspired:. You will write captivating opening lines in no time at all. Look at these examples:.

Hook, string and sinker: the best opening rows in children's and youth literature | Children's literature

The first thing you see when you open a new volume is that the first line must be effective, tempting and enough to get us into it. At a time when we have more titles to read than ever before, what are the best examples of opening rows in children's and youth literature that make us feel like we' re trying to read from the first page?

That phrase gives us a fairly good idea of Holden's posture - directly to the point and with razor-sharp humor. Why is this game so important that a whole novel revolves around it? The first line of her novel, Oliver greets us in a different way from our own, with a one-of-a-kind turn to the dystopic subject, and promising us a story of romance like we've never before.

Loving or hating it, Twilight has what I think is one of the best opening line in YA fantasy. We are immediately drawn into the actions, with a whole background story and a character who (if she were to tell the whole book) would have to flee from Houdini, of which she would be proud.

I saw through his eye, I heard through his ear, and I'm telling you, he is. We seldom begin with the first movement of a novel, but Orson Scott Card makes sure we do just that by acquainting us immediately with the One. That line, expressed by an undisclosed person, indicates the meaning of what he is (spoiler: it is Ender) - but how did they see and hear through his looks and his ears....?

There' was a kid named Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost made it. It' not difficult for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe enthusiasts to get a copy of CS Lewis' name on the album covers. The first line of Voyage of the Dawn Treader is especially fascinating, because of the character's name (how can you like a charakter named Eustace Clarence Scrubb?), and because we have an unsatiable wish to find out what exactly he "almost deserved".

Now, no, since Riordan released his novel two years before the performance of JK Rowling's Half-Blood Prince, but the term'Half-Blood' is enough to get anyone to continue reading and find out what it means. OK, full disclosure: This isn't actually an opening line, but one of the first few rows in the game. So I thought I'd put it in as a extra feature.

All of us may know that this fact is real, but it doesn't make it any simpler to do so! If we find out that these words are said about the dead themselves, then it is immediately clear that this volume will be something new. So many great opening rows in children's and youth books - what are your favorites?

We' re going to the moons for laughs, but the moons turned out to be totally fucked up.

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