Good Short Story Plots

Great short story plots

One girl slips into a pond and appears in a parallel world where the good is bad. with some sci-fi action. They will focus on certain elements of a good short story, especially the first steps of the plot and the conflict. I deserve a big place in my heart, please keep up with the good work! There are numerous buddy stories, friends who could be good, bad or ugly.

Which are some good short stories by well-known writers?

Explain a mythical nature without mentioning its name.... until the end of the story. It was Jorge Luis Borges who did it with The Chamber of Asterion. The first story is about Asterion, who is living in a building that he says has endless rooms.... only at the end we realize that this means the maze and asterion in the Minotaurus.

This last story is about something else, but among other things the storyteller speaks of making the same kind of story about Fafnir, a snake from Nordic folklore. That story in a story would have been a repetition of the first story if it had ever been made.

Overcome the Monsters

Story plotters - a joint obstacle even for the most experienced storytellers. What if there were only 7 universally held plot strands that underpin all histories? The Seven Basic Plots: Christopher Booker tells us why we tell tales, how our most popular tales in the course of the story fell into only 7 different kinds of theories.

It follows in a long line of theoreticians who have tried to understand why story telling is such a universal means of comunication. I' m sketching these 7 properties for you. It' not a fool-proof checklist at all - but just think of a script, a movie or a piece that doesn't match one of these storylines.

So what do Beowulf and Star Wars: A New Hope have in common? The protagonist of both tales set out to conquer a mighty villain or an evils power that threatens her homeland. Well for:: Mostly the protagonist will bite off more than she can bite and cannot bear her own victory - before she grows and gets what she wishes for again.

Well for:: As the protagonist journeys to an unknown location, meets new players and overcomes a number of tests as she tries to get home. It is a popular story in children's books because it often includes the protagonist who discovers a magic country to be explored. Well for:: In his quest for a certain price, the protagonist overcomes a range of obstacles and seductions.

Well for:: Comedies are a cheerful story that refers to some disorientation (often with misconceptions or false identities) that leads to conflicts before a lucky ending and party. Well for:: This protagonist is basically good, but faulty and disappointed with her own world. Suffering from the temptations of breaking the laws of their societies, they are forced to set in train a range of incidents that could result in their demise or deaths.

At times the player regrets his choice towards the end of the story, but often it's too long and they are dying or already messed up. Its demise is represented in turn as a good or evil one. Well for:: Its protagonist is a poor or uncomfortable individual who is shown the mistake of his ways and redeemed in the course of history.

Redemptive characters usually come in the shape of a baby or the protagonist's interest in loving, and their task is to show how distorted the bad guy's world view is and to show them dear. Well for:: Each of these storyline characters has a shadowy opposite - one in which the story ends badly and undermines the happiness.

and the tragedy is already ending in darkness. Naturally, these storyline styles are not the be-all and end-all of story telling. Hopefully this brief tutorial has help you select the chart style that best enhances your messages. What about tales? We' re wired to see tales as a present.

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