Good Short Stories

Some good short stories

A short story of the day. Brief, good stories about love, life, happiness and God. Lucky stories and random acts of kindness. Awesome app, well selected short stories. This is a selection of short stories by David Wildsmith in the ancient Greek world of MONSTROUS.

Inspiring short stories 2018 : upplifting, feel-good stories

All the inspiring, good feeling stories written in this section come from daily people like YOU through our contribution a page of stories. Take a look through the stories and tell them to others! I waited for my boyfriend at the coach terminal for a few long hours and got weary. I was trying to just walk away and schedule another one.

It was a reporting time at our university today, so everyone should present their reports to the head of the university. So, if a someone went to pick up the story, they would..... I' ve said no to the SPCA three occasions because I' m not a catsman. Once I was cycling home from work and the icecar is where it normally is, and I always go and get an icecream, but I was concerned that something was not right when I saw a giant line of men standing in line and the man was no one' s servant.

I was actively addicted, shelterless, and sent my people through hell 421 nights ago. I' m 18 and studying at an alternate college in Australia. I was driven to the restaurant later in the day. There is no handheld battery pack with me (no one in the convenience store), no close friend, I don't know the way back (and even if I did, alone, at nights, as a woman, in Cleveland, it's not a good idea).

It wasn't because we were with marvelous people. There' s so much hatred in the whole wide oceans that I have to live this astonishing one. Being a trans-racial adopted familiy, we receive many looks and commentaries, both good and inferior. Well, today we were in the midst of nowhere like Four Corners when a pair of us talked about how nice our whole home was.

Make your point, just think of yourself, be self-centred, etc. To be egotistical is good for a while, but to be egotistical is to create a detachment from everyone, from your boyfriends, from your families. To be egotistical means to hurt others unnecessarily. Accommodation means that you really care about a loved one or your loved ones. Being a fighting lone mother living in Los Angeles, my minimal working week is 60hrs to put dinner on the dinner table, my vehicle just got torn down, my one foreigner in a parkingground that left no notice on my 19 year old vehicle, which is hardly driveable and my house is breaking up (I need new....

I' m so grateful that there are still nice and supportive persons in the whole wide globe. but he couldn't get out of the shop.

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