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Great novels

When it is good enough, you can choose any book and don't have many problems. Books that are short but breathtaking, guaranteed to stay with you for a long time, from classics to contemporary novels. What makes you think baseball is the basis for so many great American novels? To read aloud from novels is one of my favorite pastimes. We have compiled the best sailing novels for your next super yacht holiday, ranging from stories and epic adventures to the capers of famous fictional explorers.

100 greatest novels of all times

Furry Frodo is leaving home to protect the worid from the powers of darkness by breaking a haunted ring in Tolkien's dramatic trunk. In his quest for missing jewelry, WH Auden considered this story of fantastical beings a "masterpiece". Thirties Alabama was the only novel Lee ever wrote in her life - until an early design was launched as a "new" work in 2015.

Wealthy Bengali nobleman is happy until a drastic.....

Twenty-five plus unbelievable novels you have to study at least once in your lifetime.

Literature opens the door in our heads and allows us to spend our whole lives travelling the globe without ever abandoning the conveniences of our seats. Reading one script, we walk into someone else's footwear, see the outside view of the outside view and go to places we might otherwise never have visited, be it a small Indian town or the verdant Narnia-field.

Literature teaches us about charity, heartache, fellowship, conflict, social inequity and the resistance of the people. There are 25 textbooks you should at least once in your lifetime. Against the background of Afghanistan's shifting post-September 11th, The Kite Runner is the history of the unlikely and complex relationship between Amir, the descendant of a prosperous businessman, and Hassan, the descendant of his father's manservant, until culture and the disparities in the classes and confusion of conflict upset them.

In a way that would never have been possible after September 11, Hosseini awakens his home to us by showing us a universe of common men who are living, dying, eating, praying, dreaming and loving. It is a tale about the long shadow that has been casting upon families' mysteries for centuries, the constant loving of friendships and the transforming force of forgive.

The prizewinning novel is about Annemarie Yohansen, a Dane who grew up in Copenhagen during the Second World War with her best friend Ellen, who happens to be a Jew. The novel reminds us that there is no gap between real boyfriends between culture and religion, and that the light of the night is all the more brightly shining against the dark of hate.

One of the most famous first words of this classical novel, "It is a generally accepted fact that a man who is fortunate needs a woman". Proud and prejudiced is a novel about how to overcome the difference between occupation and classes, about how to learn and how to live, even if it is crudely unjust, and about how to realize that someone you love often means to accept him despite and not because of what he is.

In the mid-20th centuries, she wanted a tale about the hard reality of teenagers in America, and since there were none, she made one. From the viewpoint of the orphaned Ponyboy Kurtis, this award-winning young novel for adults recounts the tale of a group of rugged, young lads on the street of a city in Oklahoma fighting for survival and sticking together amidst violent, group coercion and shattered houses.

This novel recalls that growth is never simple and that sorrow, bereavement, friendship as well as charity are universe experience that creates and dissolves socio-economic borders. Featuring a lavishly crafted novel with a line-up of unforgettable figures, Little Women takes us to the cosy, welcoming home of a 19. man.

This is a coming-of-age tale that accompanies four nurses (the March girls) from childhood to femininity in the American Civil War. They get to know the hard reality of hardship, disease and deaths and how to daydream, fall in love and smile. A heart-warming, time-tested icon about the importance of the home and the simplicity of homemade comforts.

It' s not easy to understand, but it's one of the first novels I suggest when someone asks me for a reading because it really is a hit. This novel deals with a unique moment in the lives of George Falconer, a middle-aged British teacher who mourns the death of his mate Jim.

While George fights against the handle of his depressive state and asks himself what the meaning of living is, he slowly begins to learn to be present, with all his tests and trumps, by having supper with his best friends and a hearts to hearts with a schoolboy. By taking a snap-shot of a man's entire daily routine, Isherwood recalls that every minute matter.

And who doesn't like a novel about speaking beasts? Laura Ingall's Wilder Metal-winning E.B. White's children's classics about Wilber the Pork and his many farm buddies from Charlotte the spider to Templeton the rat throws the floodgates of fantasy open and makes us wonder what a fantasy universe in which beasts could speak would look like.

White's novel is a lecture for kids and a memory for grown-ups of the beauties of the natural world, the circle of the lives and the importance of the memory that every creation has its place on this world. While Michael Hannah is teaching to study reading novels, Hannah Michael is teaching to study the characters of man, and he comes to know the subtleties of good and bad and to live with the effects of his decisions.

He is a narrative about individual and nation's sins, about the effects of secrecy and about the force of salvation. Bronte's classical novel recounts the history of a young girl's fight to make something of herself, from the oppressive circumstances in which she lived in the Lowood College as a destitute child, to the mysterious and seductive Mr. Rochester in her capacity as governess at Thornfield Hall, where she encountered her orphanage.

Determined and hard-working, Jane yearns for the freedom that Victorian England has refused to give to the ladies, and her tale is a classic example of a woman's resolve to make her own choices in the face of poverty and scoff. This is the tale of the short but life-changing adultery between Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles.

All the more moving are the struggles of charity, hatred, sin and the quest for salvation and might. Maurice and Sarah's tale tells us that the things we do for our loved ones can cause a relentless blow of destiny, leading our life on a fierce and sometimes dangerous voyage, and that our loves do not always last forever, but the lesson we draw from it.

He has attracted a great deal of interest with the news that Lee will release a prequel this past spring, so even if you've already seen it, now might be a good moment to visit him again. Telling from the point of views of 6-year-old scout Finch, the tale tells a crises that shocks her home town of Alabama when African-American Thom Robinson is charged with having raped a young family.

but you have to start at the beginning, right? Harry Potter's magic has fascinated kids and grown-ups equally. This tale of the boy who lives, a suppressed, emotional neglect child who finds he is a sorcerer, is ticking all the big squares on the manifest.

It' about the continuing compassion for togetherness, the sorrow of losing, the victory of good over bad and the fact that sometimes the most fierce struggles we have are within ourselves. The Secret Garden is a favourite of our childhood and a favourite of Mary Lennox, who lives in her lonely uncle's lonely mansion after the death of her mum and dad. It is a time-less classical about the natural beauties, the curative powers of charity and the faith in music.

While the sun in Yorkshire Marys harsh little hearts soften and she becomes friends with the beast summoner Dicken, her illegal cousin Colin and a bunch of soft-creature cries, you will be laughing and crying with her as she teaches you how to fall in Love, how to rely and how to move outside to nourish the outside environment around her.

As Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy enter the magic country of Narnia, make friends with speaking beasts and fight the White Witch, they uncover the family's ties and the value of courage. It' more than a tale about a whole wide oceans hidden in an old item of upholstery.

Against the background of the Second Worid War in England, the country of Narnia stands for the eternal hopes for a better, lighter one. As Anne's debt plunges into a worid fear of rejection and unlove, you will eventually be recompensed if Anne's vivacious fantasy and friendly hearts beat at everyone whose lives she is touched by.

It is a heart-warming tale of affection and fellowship, and a moving memory that sometimes things don't work the way we want them to, is actually the best thing that can do. In this novel the tale of Rachel, the daugther of a female and a male ancestor. Rachel, with her tanned hide and bluesy eye (the eye of a young woman in a young woman's face), faces the challenges of studying what it means to be bio-cial in a dark and bright age.

Bridget Jones has been a symbolic figure of daily feminist life for females all over the globe, from Great Britain to Japan, since her 1996 coming-out. Their self-ironic, open cataloging of dates and dietary debates, their fight with the physical picture and their wish for individual and monetary autonomy resonate with the reader, because we were all there at some point in our life.

With humour and warmth, Fielding's novel provides funny but critique comments on what it means to be a female in today's modern day life, reminding men (and women) that it' s less about burnin' bras and challenging marital stats than about stand up for yourself and love yourself the way you are.

A touchingly real novel built on Plath's own biography, The Bell Jar narrates the tale of Esther Greenwood, a young gifted young lady who completed a seasonal placement in a major New York Newspaper. She finds the glamourous New York way of living not enjoyable, but scary and disorientating.

This is a classical work of Victorian Children's Fiction, a bizarre story about witchcraft and absurdity, in which Alice finds herself in an fictive realm after hunting a little bunny that she sits silently on the river bank. The opening of this novel is an invitation to enter the realm of speaking creatures and magical fungi that Alice will eat, wax or shrivel according to which side she has.

The novel has thrilled kids and grown-ups equally, because it blurs the line between reality and fantasy and the all too realistic feeling of finding one's way in a universe we can't understand. Wilde's novel is a challenge to look inside ourselves and recognize the dark sides of man's character and the battle between good and bad that each of us faces.

This is the most widely read French -language translation of The Little Prince, the novel of a little kid who fell to Earth from an asteroid after having visited several other human beings to try to comprehend humanity. It is an allusion to the stupidity of man and his trend towards self-destruction by force, as well as a heart-warming narrative about the transforming force of love and confidence.

The Fault in Our Stars tells the stories of Hazel, a teenage boy with cancers, and the experience of other teenage boys in her tumor-supporting group. While sharing their anxieties and pleasures together, the reader learns to appreciate the frailty of the young voice, whose live burns to the point of death with intense flicker.

Emerald colours capture the battles of the deadly disease with affection and astonishing genuineness, and remind us that charity, fellowship and belief surpass everything, even deaths. With the adventurous and magical novel, The World Wizard of Oz is a tale of what happens to little Dorothy Gale when she and her little Dorothy, Toto, are trapped in a hurricane and taken away from their Kansas ranch to find each other in the country of Oz, where they encounter a lot of colourful personalities like the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman and the Cowardly Lion.

They travel together to the Emerald City, to find the renowned wizard in pursuit of wisdom, charity, courage and home. Perpetuated in his famed adaption with Judy Garland, the novel is a heartfelt tale about friendliness and valour, about the appreciation of what you have, and never to forget that your home is where your soul is.

Orwell' s nightmare work is one of the most famous dystopic novels of 1984. He has a unique worrying world: the state is controlling every facet of your livelihood and even restricting your vocabulary so that most of your daily lives are removed from them. Whilst not exactly a heart-warming guide, it will definitely make you think and adjust to the big themes of today: free talk and free media, the risks of the police state and the importance of time.

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