Good Ideas to Write a Book about

Great ideas to write a book about

First book I read was called How To Write a Damn Good Mystery. The curiosity never killed the writer, the writing practice and the unsplash book. It' like a car stop went wrong. For some people, these things are great. These techniques are an important feature of this book.

About writing: Writing a Book - Part One

Wellcome to How to Write a Book! I' ve made the decision to launch a new small show for my blogs... It' titled How to Write a Book, and it will record the stages, trials and trip that take place in, well, as I write a book. and yes, I know that the infant must come out of me and will eventually need all the attentiveness, all of the hard work and all of the hard work that a infant requires, but I also know from past experiences that it's okay to take a rest if I want or need to change what I do on this blogs and with my textbooks because they belong to me.

However, I also hope that the launch of the How to Write a Book range of articles will also help me to remain responsible, motivate and obligated to write this book, so please feel free to freely succeed and moan, grouse, nag, grouse if I do not provide an updated for month. Since I have wanted to record as long as it takes to write a novel from beginning to end, it is also the truth that the risks of taking a break or giving up on the process of editing and dividing are overshadowed by my profound interest in helping other authors to do so.

I' m not sure if I'll make a month's or month's update when I' ve finished a certain phase of the procedure, but we' ll see how much I' ll need it, and I just hopefully it will come in handy no matter what it is. It' very difficult for me to tell how I get ideas for my story.

But when I think about it, the whole thing is a little more lengthy and intricate. Most of my ideas come to me when I think of something else. Or in other words, I don't often get to my seat and try to develop an interesting new storyline and if I did, I would be counting on it not working.

Instead: going, lecturing, brushing, taking a shower, tooth-bashing, day-dreaming (definitely daydreaming!), toying with my boy, tooth-bashing, going to the bathroom, making food, making a nice glass of cuppa? While I do the most common, unattractive things, I "get" my ideas for stories most often, but that's all they are: ideas.

Most of the time the thought starts in my mind as a kind of query, often a "what if...." kind of one. This was the first glimpse of an original concept that was my novel All the Beaches are Made of Pebbles. Awe-inspiring feet: shorts from travel. "If she could tell her side of the tale?

This is what I did in Leaving Rotterdam in my Nine Women series. I' m not trying to daydream because I' ve learnt over many years that I have good ideas for stories! - but maybe I should, because that would be a super power as a novelist!

And I must also say that my spouse gave me many ideas for storytelling, and indeed my novel The Wait came about after he got out of the showers and asked me: "What if you have written a tale about a man who is in a hospital but the readers don't know why he is there until the end?

When I read about certain subjects I also get ideas because I am interested, so it's not right to say that I only get my ideas during the daydream. How do I make sure I recall these ideas? Frequently, when these issues disrupt my otherwise boring or boring reverie, I take a minute to open a new message in the Evernote application on my mobile and write the issue down, or write a few lines about what the storyline might be about.

Sometime it' a phrase that describes where the storyline begins, sometime it' s where the storyline ends, sometime it's just a simple sequence around which a storyline could be growing, and then I am waiting for what happens..... But, before I discuss it, let us come back to how I came up with this particular concept for the book I am hoping to write now.

Actually, I was in a café with my boy, dreaming a little while I held a flask of milk to my son's mouth and watched the workers behind their bar. Then, almost out of nowhere, a "What if...." issue arose about a person who was facing postnatal mental distress or fear.

I' m not going to tell you this whole issue yet, because although it doesn't tell you the story of the novel I am hoping to write, it might tell you more than I want at the time. Also, this initial concept was not so thrilling (it actually sounded quite dull and predictable), but what did happen then, the follow-up issues I began to ask myself began to make everything much more interesting.

When I went back from the café to my parents' home, pushed my son's stroller onto a soft hillside and felt the hot summer light on my face, I thought more about it. Thought of the protagonist and what kind of a human she would be. Thought about the background of the plot and what kind of time line it could be.

So I started to think about how and where the history would begin and how and where it would end. So on and so on, until I came home and had to give my son something to eat, interrupted this dreary train of thought and kept me from reflecting on it for a while. In all honesty, I don't think I've been considering the history or these issues for many month.

However, I thought about it again and I made many more "daydreams" into this one. But not as often as you think - sometimes I walked for month without even considering the concept - but unavoidably the concept would come back to me and I would find it difficult not to think about it until something else distracts me or demands my focus.

It is interesting that after one of these meetings I did not put down a singular thought or a verb. Actually, I didn't write anything down about this until about a months ago. Then when I began, it was difficult to stop and before I knew it, I had an outlines and even something near a chapters structure.....

I like to test my ideas in a way. When I don't write them down, but they still stay in my mind and reappear at any time, then I know that they are an inspiration that' s really something to be followed. After a year of reflecting on this concept, I knew it had "legs", I also knew it was going deeply enough and had enough shifts for a novel instead of a comic.

If you didn't know it with three anthologies of shorts, I'm much better at making up ideas for shortshots than for fiction, so that was comforting and interesting for me too. It also pleases me that the concept shows a good workout between intimacy and the alien.

What if someone who fights after the childbirth of their first baby - and I was that individual - but it's not just about that. I' m also fascinated by the scene and its motivation and I'm very interested in how it will control it and what the result will be.

It' a mix of writings about something I know first hand, but also researching a new but interesting reality that I don't know, makes me smile. It will itch both of mine to want to write about a person's own experiences, but also to offer escape and enjoyment as I do, itch.

To be able to write a complete overview of history and have an understanding of the book's texture was also a good indication that I was onto something. Being in the editorial phase of my other works for so long (almost a year), I didn't really have the opportunity to live this kind of river with a new concept for a long period of my life, and that felt good.

But the fact that I could imagine a beginning, a center and an end has already said to me that all the day of dreaming and reasoning and asking never-ending what-if questioning may have been worthwhile.

It will only take a while to see if this concept will go the whole way, and by that I mean that I'll get to a completed first design phase; if I think further ahead, I'll get a little vertebra! However, I have faith in the ideas and topics, and yes, in the personalities I have faith in.

But I can say that I've felt it before for the shorts that brought it out, so it calms me down a bit. While I know I have a great deal of work to do to turn the concept into a storyline, it's important that it gets me excited rather than frightened.

Do you think ideas can come from anywhere? Be open-minded about what you are reading, thinking and feeling. Consciously ask yourself "What if....." to find possible ideas. When you rethink a storyline after having it for the first one, it's a good thing.

Although it is also a good notion to write a tale right after an original concept, it is not necessary. You have just been reading that I had my ideas "brewed" for almost a year before I started writing something on canvas. Don't be worried about the timeliness of your ideas or the number of ideas you have; you only need one to write a book.

Don't think it's always good to write a book about every single notion! Don't try to be valuable with your stories ideas; you won't run out of them, believe me! Have confidence and promote your daydreams! Allow yourself plenty of room and energy to let your thoughts run free. You' re not dicking around.

and that'?s the keys to good storyline ideas. So, what's next in the How to Write a Book journey? sketch for the novel, because as I said above, I was expecting and hoping that this would be changed, it was shocking how quickly it came to me and how simple it was (another indication that it has to change!).

That' s not characteristic of the way I went about my work in the past as a novelist or even as a comedian. I used to prefer to write a section or two of my own - a little cover text for the plot, if you like - and then I'll just do it. Now I understand why this is a better way to write shorter fiction than to write a novel!

You know, a little bit of a novel could be done pretty quickly after that, but... no. Since sketching was my next stage in the whole thing after I had the concept of my own history, this is the next stage I will write about.

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