Good Fantasy Novels

Well-read fantasy novels

As George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, the great fantasy epic that begins with Gardens of the Moon is a tapestry woven in shades of grey. No cartoon-like good and bad guys in this story of empire and ambition. Cause there are many good books in answers here, but many of them are *dark and gravelly*.

The list is suitable for both lifelong fantasy readers and newcomers. Jade City author Fonda Lee shares a list of the ten best fantasy thrillers.

Best current sci-fi and fantasy novels - Press review book

Autonom ( "Orbit", 8.99) is the first novel by Annalee Newitz, a scientific writer and co-founder of the SF website called SF9. Following the dreadful war on the planet, known as the climatic war, humanity has built a last stronghold: the swimming town Qaanaaq on the Arctic Circle. Blackfish Town ( "Orbit", 12.99), Sam J. Miller's first adult novel, follows the life of a homosexual play-boy who suffers from a paralyzing insanity, a brain-damaged warrior who has been killed in difficult periods, a wealthy administration official and a gender-neutral messenger who works for the world.

The thing that connects these well-written and unequal figures is the tale of a lady who came to town on the back of an oral cavity and gave us shelter. With Qaanaaq coming to live in all its dirty splendour, Miller is a bustling capital inhabited by both fugitives and the nomad.

The Blackfish City is a captivating dystopic mystery story. Majorca is an arrayici, part of an old blood line that has been serving as an "accelerator for the evolution of humanity" for 80,000 years, and the Vasi are their deadly foes, whose goal is to eradicate not only the arrayici, but the world.

In The Tangled Lands (Head of Zeus, 18.99) by Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S Buckell, the antique town of Khaim is the last fortress of a decaying imperium, and the town itself is besieged. This intruder is not the invading force known from so many fantasy epics, but an evil herb, a blackberry tree that grows wherever there is magick.

It is against this fascinating and abundant backdrop that the writers have each composed two short stories depicting the fate of a multifaceted occupation of the necrotic town. Bacigalupi's Alchemist risks his life by saving his dead daughters with incantations while he invents a tool with unexpected and touching sequel.

The writers explore topics such as might, bribery, greed and foiled hopes and provide a gripping and delicate fantasy.

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