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The famous English-Indian writer has a great historical taste. Cause it' not just polls that tell us our best writers are men. Fifty-fifty top ten renowned English authors in India I read a notebook today, "A Call Centre Night", an astonishing one. I was astonished to find out that it was spelled by an lndian author, Chetan Bhagat. Astonishingly, when I tried to create a top 10 author in India, I realised that India has infinite talent.

On the other hand, the novel was written in British by R. K. Narayan, but promote the register of British literatureists. Here are the 10 most popular authors in India: In my opinion, the reasons for the appeal of his work are the use of plain speech and the date of truths with the community.

He' s essentially writing about a straightforward topic that was very popular with the reader. A film 3 Idiiots has already been shown in his film " Three mistake of my live " and the film 2 States will be released soon. In his last volume, entitled "Revolution 2020", he successfully ruled over the sorry state of India's societies due to increasing poverty, cronyism, and war.

She' d won the Booker Prize. One could call her a scholar of British literature, as she has made lively experimentation in the narrative of literature. The Inheritance of Loss", one of her great books, even had the Booker Prize in its bag because it depicted rustical living. It is described as a real author of today's India.

"Her first novel, The God of Small Things," won her great hearts not only in India but also abroad. It has also won the Booker Award for British literature. Mr. Narayan has had to read most of you, myself included, since your infancy, as your textbook or to have a good time.

He always writes easy to read and enjoyable, easy to read textbooks. "I think he is one of those authors who have won the most heart abroad. He shows India's civilization and his fictional symbol Malgudi together with the fictional Swami with all these realistic scenes was regarded as his best work.

A great novel that conquered Aravind's heart in India and abroad with ease. He' d also won the Booker's Prize for the same work. Coming as a surprising case for its reader, this volume keeps the reader with all the realism and strategy-based scenarios to the end.

She has been nomination for the Booker's Prize for Literary Studies many a time. He was a great author who became famous for his second novel, which dealt with the real but hard reality of India as a dependant or non-independent country and the deadly, obvious and lousy state of the protagonist of this work?

In fact, his second name, "A Appropriate Boy", presents a broad face to his readership and compels you to think about what was going on at the time. It is a historic name, but in the contemporary realm this author could be described as an ideals author who had actually come together from Eastern and Western Europe.

Kantapura is one of his best works and could be called the Gandhi Books, as it is inspired solely by him and his god-forsaken country, while India fought fiercely for it. He is often regarded as one of the few truths of India's social life. In many cases, his books depict the relation of early men (after India's independence) to the female population.

The Babani is known for mixing the fictions and realities as well as the story with contemporary times in such a perfectly good way that it can really be seen. The famous English-Indian writer has a great historic flavour. "It shows the effects of the Second Worid War on people. There is a vast expanse of the written word.

These are my top 10 authors and your perceptions may differ, but certainly you should try.

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