Good Books to Write about

Some good books to write about

Our weekly view of the world of books, poetry and great writing, presented by Claire Armitstead, Richard Lea and Sian Cain. This is our list of the best books on writing. Do you know that you can learn English with bestsellers (popular books)? A well-written book affects your ability to become a better writer. In a nutshell, India was a country I could not write about.

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Do you need suggestions for your writings or your own know-how? She has some good advices and two great sites. Do your best you can! Here are some good ones to help you get there. There was no ambitions to make films, but it is the core of LA and everyone seemed to make a script or work in the biz, so I thought it would be great to find out more about how a good work.

I' m still thankful, in part because the instructor asked us to study Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, a lean little textbook with some of the best instructions I've ever seen for authors. You have to get to the heart of a film right away, but most of Snyder's advice also applies to any kind of work.

As Snyder says, an author must make the reader* a main character immediately. But if the character just isn't a good person, the readers have to like something about them right away. They are disgusting killers, but their dialog is also very fun. There is nothing I think a novelist can do incorrectly when he reads this one.

Once I was reading a reviewer of a Stephen King novel that said, "Why does a gifted author like Stephen King want to be a thrillerist? But on the other side, why am I grasping this ledger so harshly that my ankles have turned whiten?

I' m not sure I really learnt anything about typing from this touching novel that depicts the hardest days of King's own Iife. I' m sure I have learnt something about the work. Perseverance and habits, not only talents, made him a good author. In all honesty, I was most impressed by this 1946 volume, which is more about typing than speek.

I' ve been reading it as a kid and since then it has strongly affected my whole work. Flesch, an Austrian Jew who escaped to the USA in the 1930' s and became a bestselling writer, was a supporter of a clear, powerful script that preferred plain words (mostly Anglo-Saxon) to complex (mostly Latin).

Not only does he give this rather trivial tip, but also handy hints to prevent poor typing and tutorials to write clearly yourself. It is also a very funny textbook, as it gives plenty of good and especially poor samples. Which is your favorite textbook/advisor? You know, Julie Sullivan doesn't always take good advise.

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