Good at Writing

Writing skills

He's good at math/languages/explaining things to others. He's good on the violin. "'skills'' is usually used in the plural in this type of sentence: He's good at writing, so he must have good writing skills. Like any other ability, writing takes time and practice to improve.

nomen - Is there a term for extraordinary writing?

Sentences such as "author extraordinaire" and "wordsmith extraordinaire" also exist. What matters is what part of her letter was commended. Or if their spelling is lively and poetical, one could call it elegant or elegant. In order to describe a good novelist, I like the rhetoric of literature craftsmen or literature craftsmen, as in these quotations:

The two scholarship holders whose skills I very much appreciate today are Michael Chabon - a real literature mastermind - and William Gibson, also a craftman - although perhaps not so well recognised as such. Muckle' s meticulously worked out description, which form the framework of London in the 1980s, allows the reader to experience an England on the edge of a globalised age.

A storytelling genius, writer-craftsman and Nobel Prize winner, Saul Bellow, whose work reflects the comical, tragedy, absurdity and everyday in the 20 th century's everyday life, passed away in his home in Brookline, Mass last night. Her editorial for this book is by John Rateliff, and it is an esteeming and thought-provoking look at Tolkien as a writer who is very aware of every single words he has written.

Literature Craftsman - Judging by their own merits, many of the Lincoln elements would hardly be worthy of being included among the works of America's greatest authors. Virtually all of them stand for a high level of literature and craftmanship - nothing unusual, just powerful explanations and always the same. I' m thinking of worldsmith as a character who is good at getting words on the page quickly and abundantly, but not necessarily in a way that is seen as good writing.

Then there is this Urban Dictionary defining that supported my thought that the term has this kind of meaning: wordsmith - One with the capacity to easily put words together, regardless of their real significance, in one case and in this way it puts a laugh on the faces of the listeners, sometimes often laughs or teardrops of amazement for having listened to someone with such an astonishing aptitude.

You often spat many catchwords or bad new teasing and subtile offenses, but also songs, rap and weird and often troubling tales that make little use.

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