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I' m a professional gig musician and my only passion is to perform with confidence. This is only possible with my Ultimate Gig Book App. It is the most reliable and stable music reader app available, no strange permissions, no in-app purchases and no Internet access during the gig. Musicians choose to manage individual sheet music, scores, transposing chord charts, lyrical charts, fake books and real books. " Something interactive like this will do to notes that Kindle did to hardcover books.

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Everything in action, every performance. More than 1,300 chart chords of your favourite jazz standards, which you can translate into any of them. You can use them to extend your current note libraries or to launch your own one. Enter the name of a track and the results from over 70 albums will be displayed so you can select the best score available to you.

Now' is the ideal moment to get your hand on the ultimate fun and the only application that allows you to find the pin in a pile of hay in seconds, hidden in your huge library of songs. Custom Score Organizer - No Reading? With our comfortable "My Scores" screen, you can simply fetch your contents from the clouds and look for all your unindexed score.

iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive Downloads - The book list can be downloaded from any of the world' s most sought-after cloud hosting vendors and linked to the index, making it even simpler to get to gig. Accord Chart Than Transparency - Over 1300 Jazz Standard Accord Chart, which you can translate to any scale.

Songtitle Search - Find the desired track in seconds, no MORE! Composers search - Find all pieces by Antonio Carlos Jobim or another musician. Connect your charts to your own tracks - Search and browse your own musical collection that matches the name of the currently viewed one.

Use the elements of your setlist to build your own individual gigbook and send it to your bandmembers by e-mail. Full Page Display - No menubars, footer lines, statebars, just the notes.

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