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The publisher Page Street Publishing is a publisher of colored, mostly hardcover, gift, cooking and craft books. The Metro Books Imprint is designed to bring history, art, humour and gift books of the highest quality to the market. Many thanks for your interest in the Quarto Publishing Group. Quato-gifts (stationery, kits, calendars). She is an information designer, data visualizer and book cover designer.


For a better comprehension of our range, please have a look at our products in a bookshop, at our libraries or on our website. You should make the following suggestion: A cover note with a short descriptive text (what is the book and what is its purpose?) of the book and what is contained in the post.

Enter the name and subtitles of your book. If necessary, a suggestion with sketch, introductory text, illustration lists, example labels and text/chapter examples. Analyzing the prospective markets for the proposed work, with titles, editors and dates of all similar work, with an indication of how your idea is different from everyone.

That is especially important for your book. Authors / Illustrators / Photographers Bibliography, which contains the publication of references and references in this area. We' ll try to reply to your suggestion within four week of receiving it - don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you haven't received anything from us by then.

Please do not send us originals (art or manuscripts) and keep a copy of your work.

Present and humor | QUADRILLE

Our awesome gift and humor offer is sure to make the ideal gift with novices, pet enthusiasts, amateurs and curious people. When you' re looking for inspirational ideas, motivating titles like Never Have a Bad-Day Again and The Little Book of Mindfulness are sure to lighten the fire.

If someone you know is enjoying the subtle things in your daily routine - operas, jazzy music, whisky, redwine - then one of The Knowledge's book titles is the ideal gift. At the touch of a button, You Tubing sensational Charlie McDonnell's fun and intriguing fun science is a must in every home.

With over 60 million tickets and 5 million textbooks on sale, Purple Ronnie is one of the UK's premier marks of sophistication.

With over 60 million tickets and 5 million textbooks on sale, Purple Ronnie is one of the UK's premier marks of sophistication. This transaction covers global permissions, with the exception of North America. Since the re-launch of the Purple Ronnie products in 2014, Purple Ronnie has taken an exhilarating new creativity path that has already drawn a lot of interest - for a modern public between the ages of 15 and 30.

At the moment, the new product line comprises greeting postcards, wraps and parties and even has its own YouTube portal with over 86,000 different viewpoints. Purple Ronnie's Facebook page now has over 98,000 fans and an enthusiastic community of Twitters fans. A prizewinning, dynamic publishing house dedicated its entire life and limb to the creation of extraordinary, fun and inspirational works, and produces over 150 different publications with a baking list of over 600 publications every year.

They will be published in early 2016.

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