Getting Published on Kindle

Publication on Kindle

I had Heather van der Hoop help me publish my first Kindle book myself. Don't just get bookings and then try to sell them a book. Rachelle Christensen ASP 32: How to get published on Kindle Scout

She is the award-winning writer of 10 novels, among them The Soldier's Bride (a Kindle Scout Selection). Exactly what is Kindle Scout? KiddL Scout is American Idol for Schools. It is a new publication plattform that drives Amazon forward as a "reader-powered" group. Enrolment with Kindle Scout Anyone can send in their unreleased copy of the story for a Kindle Scout promotion, but they must have a frontpage.

You can view these on the Kindle Scout page, and submissions are free. Anyone with an Amazon user will be able to select or rate three eBooks at once. When Kindle Scout editors select your work, everyone who votes for it will receive a free e-copy before the publication date.

Amazons expressly asks them to write a comment for the text. At the moment it is only open to literature writers in five categories: I' ve read about it in the Amazon newsletters and it has aroused my interest. Some of my writer buddies tried and did very well, and Amazon added one of theirs to Kindle Worlds.

There was a ledger I was prepared to go, The Soldier's Bride. I had already done it in a professional way, so I chose to try Kindle Scout. Every Kindle Scout advertising is 30-day. You' ll know within 45 working hours whether your story will make it and be published on Kindle Press.

They hand in their books and they do a fast searching to see if it is suitable for their platforms. You' ll have 30 working nights to get as much interest as possible in your work. On the Kindle Scout page you can see if your eBook has an original purple colored banner, which means that you are on the "Hot and Trending" page.

Each writer has his own Kindle Scout statistics page showing how many pages your work has been on the hots and trings page and how many page impressions your extract has had. They' also show you where your advertising is from. You think it's harder for new writers to beat Scout in Kindle?

The Kindle Scout is a competition, but it is also a traditionally publication game.

Kindle Scout Advantages: You will receive an upfront of $1,500. You can send a thank-you letter to everyone who votes for your or not. Advantage of submission to Kindle Scout and not be selected: One of my friends, whose books wasn't chosen, still published his books on Amazon.

Then Amazon sent another e-mail (to those who took a vote on his book) in which he announced that his work was now available. Do I need the script to be available for publication in order to participate? You must also provide a Microsoft Word document. I had my books through my betat reader, a critics group and a journalist before I sent it to Kindle Scout.

Advice for writers interested in Kindle Scout: When you' re serious about Kindle Scout, take some fucking quality classes. Also, review the authors' online and offline messaging sites and see what they do. Is there a good enough excuse not to try Kindle Scout? It is not permitted if your text has dirty work. Even if you do not have the trust to resist a very open trial, you should perhaps not.

Writers, for example, are used to getting denials on their own personal pages, but at Kindle Scout, anyone who has nomination will know by e-mail from Amazon if it has not been selected. You can find a full list of her works on Rachelles Amazon-authorsite.

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