Getting Published on Amazon

Publication on Amazon

The Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) provides everything you need to create a professional audiobook. Publishing your work on Amazon's Kindle eReader is really very easy. You may be a writer interested in publishing some of your works yourself.

Publication on Kindle

Publishing your work on Amazon's Kindle eReader is really very simple. As of January this year, Amazon's Digital Text Platform (DTP) is available in all of the world, so you can post your work to Amazon's Kindle Shop. And, with an expected 1.5 million children in use, this is a huge opportunity.

All you need to get into the game is a default Amazon user name. Log on to the desktop publisher and upload from there. They will make your script available in Microsoft Word or HTML and Amazon will autoconvert it to the Kindle use. You' ll also need to include some additional information about your work: name, describe, speak, keywords, category, pricing, release date and so on.

You' also have the opportunity to provide some artworks, which is highly suggested as it makes your published work much more conspicuous. If you are satisfied with everything, you can view a thumbnail of the files you upload, make changes, and then click Publish. It won't cost you anything - although Amazon is losing part of your turnover.

While it may take a days or two for your work to appear in the Amazon shop, once it is there, clients can begin to buy it for their children. Every work has its own page on the Amazon website, including all the common features such as readers' comments and evaluations.

Indeed, the publication of your work on the Kindle is the simple part. It is the difficult part to win over prospective audiences to your work. Amazon's system will help the descriptions and catagories you give make it much simpler for prospective users to find you. But in order to draw many people, you must try to publish your work yourself.

You are the only one who can choose whether "self-publishing" (or, as some would rather call it, "indie publishing") makes sense for you as an author. It is important to be in mind that a traditional publishers would probably not be interested in editing a work that has already been published in this way, as no first release permissions would be available.

However, you may think it is worth publishing some works yourself in the hopes of developing a reading public interested in learning more about you and your other work. There are eReaders (e.g. the iPhone) and this is only about the Amazon Kindle.

Like Amazon, there are other web based web based service that allow you to share your work with these other machines yourself. However, Amazon's desktop publishing is a good starting point if you are interested in the e-editing community. To sign up and receive our daily e-mail updates of our typing tutorials and recommendations, click here.

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