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In the brutal world of publishing today, Randy Ingermanson, America's Mad Professor of Fiction Writing, explains how to publish. La publication de votre court texte de fiction : Information on publication in children's and young people's literature. A sure way to publish your novel is to win one of the major competitions for unpublished novels that guarantee the publication of the winning entries*. The authors prepare a finished manuscript for fiction.

Increase the chances to publish your fiction story

The publication of your literature is different from the publication of non-fiction. Belletristic submissions (short stories or novels) must be a full script when you send them to a publishers. Generate a request form together with a Plot Synopse, which you can send in with your work. It is much more difficult to dispose of a work of fairy tale because most large publishers are hesitant to take a chance - to invest a lot of unused space of their own and perhaps not enough to make back what they have - on an intruder.

One look at the number of novels per year in comparison to non-fiction is enough - about 50,000 new non-fiction in comparison to only about 10,000 new novels. In the first place, your selling materials are your manuscripts that you have worked on. So if you are willing to mail your script to writers and/or operatives, create a short but convincing covering note that you can mail along with the first half of your novel.

This is a journey that leads two unlikely characters - a prisoner on the run and a female con... into a life you don't expect. "Or: "A father-son play that turns the Abraham/Isaac tale upside down. The best way to sell literature is to send in the whole script - but by invitation only.

When you are ready to send a novel to a publishing house without being asked, contact a few journalists and use an inquiry to get in the front doors. You will not be represented by an operative until she has finished a full work. It may, however, first ask for a summary and a model section to see if it is interested in the whole work.

Her action is a short storyline of your novel in the present - no more than one or two pages. It is the aim of a synopse of plots to arouse the interest of an operative so that he can see the work. Be sure it narrates the whole thing - for example, don't omit the end of the whole thing as a stick-in-the-mud to get the editors to ask for more.

They want to convey the essence of the storyline, not the description or the precise dialog, so make it as clear and concise as possible. Generate the syopsis as a whole, unitary part. In order to compile your abstract, begin with a few phrases that contain an action-packed abstract of the novel. Present the protagonist and the conflicts that are causing the development of the game.

For example, here is an action summary - as it would be appropriate for submitting - from Anita ShreveĆ½s bestseller "The Pilot's Wife": Then, tell how the player intends to solve this dispute. Ages, profession, family situation, history (place) and times (past, present, future):

Now you' re willing to tell your own tale and concentrate on what happens. Do not forget to concentrate on what happens in the novel, which includes the motivating characters and emotions that drive the plot and give the plot a personal note. Just think of tell your tale to a group of your best friend. In this way you communicate the essence of the plot completely with excitement, speed and a sense of being.

Complet your summary and yet a fast reading that will stand on its own. This is the most efficient summary that gives the impression of having studied the whole work. It is of course not possible to tell from a particular section or even the first sections whether an unfamiliar author can stage the important fictional aspects - characters, story, dialogue, tempo, attitude and point of views.

This is why writers find that fictional entries for a summary or example chapter are not sufficient to show that the author is able to implement what he promises. It is therefore important that you review and review your complete novel before you submit it for publishing.

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