Getting an Ebook on Amazon

Get an Ebook on Amazon

Your eBook in the right category. You' re book is at Amazon. You' ve uploaded an edited and well-formatted version of your book.

Clues to buying Kindle (AMZN) iPhone (AAPL) applications - Quartz

Amazon today releases its largest Kindle for iPhone upgrade since the e-reader was released 10 years ago. Honestly, it is a disappointment in its most important area: the purchase of textbooks. This new Kindle iPhone application should look more clean and more like a real novel (basically the front page is larger and you can see with a blank screen instead of just a black background).

It allows you to find new titles suggested by your loved ones and to make a list of titles you want to see or complete. Still can't buy a book about it. Amazon says in a news item that the latest update to the application "gives you full accessibility to billions of titles - so you can view them anywhere, any time.

Amazon Kindle, Audible and applications of the same name have never allowed iPhone consumers to buy electronic music; the sensation of buying an eBook or audio on an iPhone is still the unpleasant one. When you are looking for a particular eBook, look in the application and go to a products page:

What you don't have to do is actually go to your phone or your desk top web browsing, buy the product from and have it sent to your phone.

That' s a surprise, considering how easily Amazon manages to buy things by mistake. On the other hand, an Android users using the Kindle application can just put a book in their shopping basket and then click on a link that will take them directly to the purchase page. "We' d like to give you the opportunity to buy Kindle products directly through Kindle for iOS, but we need reasonable commercial conditions first," Amazon wrote, pointing to an announcement.

This intertwined port is due to the distance between Apple and Amazon. While Steve Jobs was still in business, the firms were competing for eBook price controls, resulting in an Apple-US cartel case. Although Apple has suffered losses, providers now have to give up more than 30% of in-app sales of consumer electronic goods such as book and audio.

Usually, Amazon has to break down its ebook sells with writers and publisher, and the costs seem expensive to the e-retailer. In an unpleasant way, Amazon tried an unpleasant remedy to circumvent the limitations of the game. By 2013, Kindle had readers look for every library for the first and not just for those in their own by including free patterns and a hyperlink at the end, allowing readers to send themselves a purchase order for their books.

This feature has since been removed.) The guidelines of the Apple store currently do not allow Apple Developer to "directly or indirectly" prevent in-apps. Probably this is why a prominent "Kindle Store" icon was deleted from the application in 2011. Because Apple is more forgiving when it comes to making consumers buy subscription, if you are a premium member or subscribed to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, you can simply load down textbooks from these features within the application.

However, currently there does not seem to be any straight connection from anywhere within the Kindle iPhone application to a place where you can actually buy an eBook. At the moment it seems that Amazon no longer works.

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