Getting a Literary Agent

Finding a frahling

The agents are experts in the publishing industry and represent the interests of their author clients. You have internal contacts to certain publishers and know which editors are most likely to buy a particular work. We had a bad experience with an author recently. He' posted a malicious blog after we turned him down.

What makes it so hard to get a wife?

Apparently 316 other operatives had turned him down, which would have made him more philosophic. I' m not unpleasant for his frustration; to find an agent is not simple. Many of my buddies are authors; I have devoted many of my time to help them create a mailing lists and letters of inquiry. I am always amazed at how long it can take for a novice writer to study his work and then take it over - even though it is clear to me from an intellectual point of view that it is not a judgement of your work when an agent leaves.

If an agent is in place and has a large listing, she might choose that your work is too similar to others on her listing. So I can submit a script to 28 writers, I get rejections from 27 of them (each of whom will have a very different answer to the book) and it becomes a best-seller.

Most of the agent's work involves looking after their customers; they have to keep their list small or they won't do their job. Accountants and editors are like investors. They find out if a given operation is a worthwhile one. When a frahling is reading your script, that's what he thinks:

Have I got enough to do a good day's work for this writer? A frahling always wants to fell in lov. Nothing in Bookland is more tempting than a newcomer: a cartoon: a debut novel: A bookland: That' s why an writer can only invest twenty per cent of her spare minute searching for an agent.

Finding a wife is like looking for a career. You have to do it seriously and methodologically, but the remainder of your lifetime has to be devoted to write the next volume and live your world.

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