Getting a Kids Book Published

Publishing a children's book

A lot of people assume that it is easy to write children's books and that it is also easy to publish them. When they get there, they'll go into shock! BUZDARK WITH DC's Black Label overprint. Have fun playing with Kindle Kids' Book Creator! Let's Make Kids' Books - Children's Book Publishing Show episodes for free, on request.

As a child, how to publish a book

In December 2013 I published my third children's book. I' m going to list some things you need before you get your book at Amazon: 4 ) Someone who speaks English well to study your book. I' ve begun to write in 2010. In order not to be so tired anymore, I got a sheet of hard copy from the printers and began to write a pile of stories and then type them in on the computer.

So I showed him my little novel (which finally became "The Sugary-Sherburts") and he liked it. As my mother and her boyfriends came back from the store, I collected them around me and I was reading my tale from beginning to end. All of them gossiped and recounted to me what a beautiful tale it was for someone my own age. All of them.

He' made some sketches for'The Sugary-Sherburts' and he scans them into my Word-documents. Suddenly my father tells me that he had read about this website CreateSpace (which is linked to and that I should try to publish myself on Amazon so they can buy it.

Self-publication is where you don't have a firm working on your accounts, you do everything yourself to get it on-line for selling. CreateSpace and post your book on Amazon! My book was on line and for purchase three month later. Though I would say of all my textbooks, the mean is about 4 month to get a book published.

The third (and last) book was a continuation of'The Sugary-Sherburts'. It''The Sugar Sherburts and the Stone Witch'', I have written it because my first book was very much loved and folks said it could be a good one. However, to write the tale is the simple part. I have a father who works on my accounts.

He' ll printout and go through the book, emphasizing parts that need more explanation or where the grammar or spelling is wrong, and he will come over with me and go through it. Whenever you think it's done, you'll find more trouble with your book. At some point you get a complete copy - then we printed it out and gave it to my mother (the native speaker).

Mother is marking my work for a livelihood, so she's good at looking at my book with clean teeth (she'll never get mixed up in the stories until then). She' ll tell us what she thinks and find trouble with the typing, orthography and vocabulary that my father and I have been missing.

And I know when my storyline is done because I've been reading sooooo often that I don't want to any more. My mum and dad both so often and can' t find any more mistakes in it. Once the book is complete, it must have at least 25 pages to get to CreateSpace.

He uploaded it for me (I'm not old enough to have an account) and set it up so that I have a printout and a Kindle copy. This is the cover for The Sugar Sherburts and the Stone Witch: You can find here a link to my two Amazon books:

You want to make a children's book? Simply keep in mind to store and back up your work on a regular basis - I wrote the stone witch and my mother's computer has broken and I got it.

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