Getting a Job as a Writer

Get a job as a writer

Finding your first paper job is easy Like many of you know, I am a supporter of Money on-line through free-lance letter. For me, the entrance hurdles are relatively low and the possibilities are many. Sometimes they don't know where to look, what to look for, how to submit an application and so on.

If you have certain free-lance typing sites that tell you that you should command prices of $100 per hr and more, taking this first move can be a crippling one. It' more like $150 an hours these days. No. Not only me, my girlfriend Gina was able to go from $50 to $150 an hours in a few month.

I currently have an average of well under $100 per hours, but I have no problems with that. I' m working regularly, I don't have to look for a job, and I have potential customers who come to me (and not the other way around). Work 27/10/14: my equivalence per day is now around $150 due to demonstrate what is possible with freelancing!

Fact is, you can't just go into $100 an HR job as a novice writer. There' s nothing wrongwith taking a $20 an hr job and don't let anyone else tell you. So if you had two steady customers who pay you $20 per hr, eight lessons per days, you would earn upwards of $40,000 per year - that's nothing to snuff at.

There' there is no excuse that a reasonably proficient author can't work on something really; something worthwhile; something you can show with proud in your account. There are a number of ways to write on-line, usually in connection with blogs. There I also found my first two freelancer blogger positions.

I' ve sent in a whole series of resumes to get my first work. However, take it from me as someone who explores freelancing blogs job offers every days for paid to blog jobs: there are many possibilities out there. I averaged about 70 new freelancing typing job offers on paid to blog posts every weeks.

There are many possibilities! bemoaning a shortage of possibilities is a bad apology; success as a free-lance writer is just a case of tough work. Locate as many job resources as possible (or register with Paid to Blog Jobs and I will do it for you) and advertise on all occasions that interest you.

This is a copy of my job offer for my first customer, Spectrum, WPMU Device: Hello, I found your vacancy and would like to do so. Of course there are many items on the blogs to be found, but I would suggest that the following contributions show my typing skills:

I would like to become part of an already existing and beloved blogs and would be very interested to help you take it to the next stage! When you have nothing to show, you should consider to write a few examples. This is the e-mail I sent you when I applied for my second job at ManageWP: Hello, I saw your ProBlogger job ad and would like to do it.

Luckily, Vladimir Prelovac (the ManageWP CEO) chose to ignore my alleged uptime and I began to write for the blogs sometime later! To be a successfull freelancer is a continuous process: If you have the job, you have to do a good job!

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