Getting a Childrens Book Published

Bringing out a children's book

A high barrier to access to a children's book published by an established publisher. It' great to meet people who love to do what you love. Publication for authors and illustrators. "Ask a hundred different authors how they were published and you get a hundred different stories," says Pam Mu? There are a number of routes you can choose to publish your children's book.

To be published - Children - Penguin Books Australia

E-Mail Submissions: Please indicate this in your enquiry e-mail if you address your contribution to one of our publishing houses in particular. Frahlingen should still contact our publishing houses directly. Concurrent entries are accepted if you include a reference in your covers e-mail that you have entered with other publishing houses.

Do not re-submit a previously sent script unless it has been requested by one of our editor. Entries will be accepted by one or more of our publishing houses or publisher. Can also be viewed by others in-house, as well as (but not restricted to) our own distribution, advertising and advertising team.

Entries will be considered sensitive materials. Because of the large number of requests we are receiving, we are not able to answer them. When we are interested in your paper, you will be notified in written form when your entry has been evaluated. In case you do not get an answer from us within four month, please expect your entry to be without success.

We are sorry, but we cannot give any response about failed entries.


While The Children's Book Council of Australia encourages the awarding of the Children's Book of the Year Awards, it does not have the opportunity to advise unreleased writers and graphic designers. Select the publishing house with care, as this saves you valuable resources.

Find the kind and styles of book published in your bookstore or in your favorite libraries, or obtain publisher's catalog. Select a publishing house that will publish the book you wrote. Verify whether publishing houses are accepting unasked scripts, many are not. A lot of people will only take a manuscript through an operative.

With a large number of entries received, most of them will not take your stories by post or via facsimile, but only by post and with a prepaid, self-addressed reply-letter. There is no room for editors to assess and criticize your work. Authoring and publication support is available from the Authoring Centers and the Australian Society of Authors.

Usually publishing houses have policies on their website, so read them thoroughly before submitting your work. And if your work is a textbook affair, don't try to portray it (unless you're also a pro illustrator). The editor is responsible for commissioning an illustrated work. Eight to twelve-week period may elapse before a publishing house reacts to your contribution.

Even if you might be tempted to submit your work to several publishing houses at the same time, this is usually disheartening, as most publishing houses expect you to have an excluding choice on your work. When you are an illustrator of illustrated pictures, fictional artwork or text, you should consider all of the above and the following:

The majority of publishing houses check their portfolios when they are looking for new talents. When you are fortunate enough to have an interview with a publishing house, your book should prove your skills with different types of mediums and technologies, your drafting skills (especially of humans and animals) and your diversity. You can also submit a small photocopy of your work to the publishing house.

In principle, if it is a work of art, you are charged a fee, if it is a book of pictures, the fee is shared between the writer and the artist. Examine your agreement thoroughly, but keep in mind that most are fairly simple and most publishing houses in Australia are very serious. They do not have to pay the costs of publishing.

It can take many month, even years for complicated illustrations. Your company should keep you up to date on all stages of the publishing proces. Authors and illustrators transfer certain copyrights to the publishing house for the duration of the agreement. They have no oversight over your book's sales, advertising and promotion.

You may, however, be asked to be available through interviewing and appearing in the media.

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