Getting a Children's Book Published for the first Time

First publication of a children's book

Please read as many children's books as possible. Visit author workshops and critics groups. Get to know the collaborative process of publishing illustrated books. I want the team to be just as excited to ride with me when they see the first round of sketches. Please ask them first for non-fiction books, as they are looking for very specific content.

Children's Books Ireland

The CBI is Ireland's leading child book group. Our many extracurricular and educational programs are designed to reach young adults with literature, promote a better appreciation of the importance of literature for young adults and serve as a key source of information for those interested in children's literature in Ireland.

Children's Books Ireland was established in 1997 through the merging of the Irish Children's Book Trust (ICBT) and the Children's Literature Association of Ireland (CLAI). Children's Books Ireland was established as a private liability firm, became a non-profit organization and adopted a memo and statutes, which were later changed in 2003.

CBI' s main financial resource is the Arts Council, which has always recognized the importance of our mission for Irish kids. In 1997, CBI was first funded by the Arts Council, both in terms of income and funds. Since then, annual revenues have been made available for further expansion and deveopment. Supplementary funds are being proactively raised from a wide range of resources, including current memberships, subscription plans, The Library Council, Foras na Gaeilge and business supporters.

CBI' s first history took place at a time of exceptional changes in Ireland' s population. Changing art, culture and socio-economic environments form a tragic setting for our first fifteen years. Considerable changes in lifestyles as well as increasing migration and urbanization have transformed the way we deal with the art and especially with music.

Art politics and infrastructural developments have also helped to establish a constructive link between the general publics and the fine art world. CBI, as an innovating and proactive art organization, will keep on ensuring that children's literature and the children's book fellowship are appreciated, appreciated and aided. It is a pleasure for us to see Children's Boooks Ireland making its own contributions to the liveliness of the art world in a multicultural Ireland.

In addition to activities that bring the author to kids in school and at literature fairs, the CBI supports a variety of activities, as well as providing a workshop for new and existing theorists. It also organizes an important event every year, which is a must for all children's theorists. The CBInfo is developed to give you the information you need to deal with the Irish publishers.

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