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T too many authors start their publishing journey in the wrong direction. Cause it' very, very hard to publish a short story. When you have written many short stories, you can publish your short stories as a book. The way you're publishing a novel. Ever wondered how you can publish your content on Forbes, Huffington Post and other major websites?

Where can I post my story in India?

When you have a lot of writing, you can write your own story in the form of a read. Like you' re publishing a novel. Contact a publishing house (traditional or self publishing). Then you will be asked to enter 3 of your story examples (some of the publishers are following this example).

It' not a generalization, because I don't know every publisher. If the publisher helps you, you can be published. Everything it needs is that your tales are real and persuasive. So if you want to publish a singular story somewhere under your name and not a whole set of shorts, there is now a way.

When I came across an article on Facebook, a Delhi-based publishing house called BLUE ROSE PRUBLISHERS published a story telling game. They can do that if you have a'love story' in your hands. Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks.

Are these answers still up-to-date? is a self-publication portal. It' simple for everyone to be a Kahaniya writer: whether you want to make your first story or your 10th novel. The Kahaniya story theatre is a community networking place where the reader can find out more about you and your work.

You will be reading, voting and commenting on your story. We at PublishReadBooks for Free On-line in India :, have an on-line portal where writers can post their work for free, the reader can browse the work for free, but the writer will make money when the reader reads the work. It is in its infancy and we ask all unedited writers to send in and be acknowledge.

You either have to find someone else - probably a journalist - who loves your story and wants to post it, or you have to post it yourself. With the first approach you are likely to attract a broader public and you may get a welcome reward, but the second gives you full command over when and where your work arrives.

Nowadays there are several hundred journals, e-zines and web sites where you can find shorts, and some of them are paid for professionally. It can be requested from Startup Success Reports by going to the "Contact" section and submitting your enquiry for a story or conversation.

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