Get your own Book Printed

Have your own book printed

Did you measure the spine width against your book? Please follow our step-by-step instructions to make your book as professional as possible. Attach the cover to the spine of the book block and you have your book. They can order your own printed copies at a ridiculously low price. Hardcover printing and publishing.

Which can I use for printing?

The Asquith Press is a letterpress printer with which you can create and reprint perfectly hardcover textbooks in pocket size at an affordable cost. View examples of textbooks that others have published. Exceptionally suitable for illustration and photography, the color cover and inside pages are in high definition as well. Choose to have as few or as many copies as you want.

We' re offering free entry to everything you need to know how to make a professional-looking work. Visit us for an information event and see a demonstration of our presses. Which can I do? Letterpress is not only for writer and author. They can contain everything from drawings to prescriptions, and they can also make great presents.

These are some great ways to get your juice flowing: Where do I get a printed copy? The process of producing a pocket diary is more complicated than normal production. With our presses you can reprint, assemble, glue and cut your books to the right format. You need to format your books to perfection. Please use our step-by-step guide to make your textbook as professionally as possible.

Find out about our charges and print facilities.

You are welcome to everythingura. Homeland for self-published writers.

You are welcome to everythingura. Homeland for self-published writers. Since you just turned your thoughts into a textbook, it can be now. We are also happy to help self-published writers print books for you. Indeed, we have assisted several hundred self-published writers. Then they become part of the expanding, self-published authoring world.

All our products are produced in our own print shop. You can then view the results of your self-published author's work. We know that you want your messages to get through to your audiences in the most proffesional way. We' ll help you get to know what the self-publishing of author's textbooks is all about.

We discuss what your books should look and feels like before they are printed. We' ll take care of you and your books with the kind of individual care you need, whether we use our print-on-demand technique for a small run or just a few thousand or more. Our wide variety of writers' own publications.

Some of the work we have done with our self-published authors.

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