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Do you know that your Kindle eBook can also serve as a lead generation tool? We' ve guided many authors through this process, we have valuable experience in bringing your eBook and you as an author to your target group. Put your eBook in the right category The information page is a compliment from Linke's writer Pope Welsh. We always split their link and covers thanks to the hopes and as is usual when an editor posts a blogs or other tip. You' re reading is at Amazon.

You' ve submitted an adapted and well-formatted copy of your text.

It may be your classes. TodayĆ½s tip is to put your textbook in the right Amazon section. Both my ledgers have been awake for a while and have done so. To a large extent, I believe that this is due to the fact that they do not fall into the right group.

If you are publishing your work on KDP on Amazon, there is a large number of possible headings in which you can enumerate your work. I' m sure if you've already posted, you've chosen the right one. His rankings were bleak - until I determined the catagory.

The most important thing is that folks have to find your textbook in order to buy it. LINKED, my other one, is also in a Top 100 listing - every single working days since I've been targeting my own category. Have I written the best textbooks in the whole wide underworld? The LINKED is a para-normal romantic. It' in the Prophecy series I'm in.

Well, if you've been looking at Amazon KDP, you'll find that there is no paranormal under Romantic. LINKED is available in printed and e-book, I marketed the e-book on KDP. Printversion is done via Create Space. I' ve just selected the best match for my textbooks.

I' ve e-mailed KDP and asked them how to get into the right catagories. Do the following steps: 1. Know your group! Are there subgenres in your work? Do you think it fits in another group? All books do. Navigate to your Amazon page (for the book) and browse down.

If you sell 1k volumes a days, you are not going to rank high on this listing when there are literally thousands upon thousands lovemaking spell.

Select several of your favorite titles from the Top 100 of your genres. Check which catagories are available. Select the ones that best suit your work. And now that you know which one you want, you need Amazon to take you there. By contacting Amazon KDP, your eBook will be categorized into the desired topics.

Make sure that your eBook cannot be classified under KDP. I' ve been asked by Amazon KDP to do so. Amazons will not be creating a new catagory - but they will be adding your eBook to every new one. Allow him a few get-togethers and see your ledgers reach the top of the chart! Once you have created a best-seller listing, you are an Amazon bestselling writer.

Admittedly, it is a best-seller in a certain kind of music. It is good to say, "Amazon Top 100 Romantic Best Selling Anthology" or "Amazon Top 100 Best Selling in its genre" or even "Amazon Top 10 Best Selling in its category" when it reaches the Top Ten. We as authors must do everything we can to get our literature into the reader in order to be able to read it.

A lot of people buy their literature on the basis of these listings. Last month's best date was the date when it first made an Amazon Bestseller Top 100 listing. They are both among the Top 100 in the USA and now also in Great Britain. Unauthored, I wrote a 30-page primitive volume containing one of my father's minutes of memory to study the KDP editing system (Pub. October 1, 2010).

I recently took this work ("Not really a product - sale a text - to myself) and went finished the classification cognition. Contact Amazon and tell them how I wanted to categorize my work. One-Minute Washington D.C. Travel Stories is now an Amazon bestseller - in a very small group.

Promote it on our Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List. Grab Book Two in the thrilling Doing Lords franchise - Spy, Enthusiasm and Enigma Are Awaiting! Reread Book Three in the Doing Lords show - Spy and Peril make bizarre but impassioned comrades! This is an ingenious interpretation of the post-apocalyptic style, combining ingredients from sci-fi, fear and actions into an amusing suspenseiller.

It is an inspiring, educational and hands-on resource for those who are passionately interested in realizing their full potentials and to maximize their lives.

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