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You' re writing a really good book. I do not have to worry about the printing and distribution of the books. Tips for authors on how to publish your book with the best publishers in the world: what publishers are looking for in a manuscript, how to contact them. Question number one is: "I want to write a book, but I don't know where to start. "Here's your answer:

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Whereas magazine essays are an excellent way to exchange the results of new research, as a rule a book has a greater length and durability. It investigates the unparalleled difference between textbooks and periodicals - did you know, for example, that book suggestions are examined by experts instead of sections?

It also provides early to intermediate level research professionals with invaluable tips on how to make a compelling book suggestion and unveils the mysteries of what writers and critics are really looking for. You' ll gain a clear idea of what it takes to create a powerful book suggestion, when you're willing to apply, and what to consider when selecting a publishing house.

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It' s hard to make a novel, but the work of printing it is even harder. You need to find the right spy and create a tempting enough pit stop to set your work apart from hundreds of others. Frahlingin Kerry Glencorse, mystery writer Dreda Say Mitchell, agency Hellie Ogden, self-publisher Catherine Ryan Howard, PR specialist Tory Lyne-Pirkis and publisher Danuta Kean - and Liesel Schwarz, to tell you what it's like to go from unseen hope to a big three-book transaction - are among the business icons who will show you what it will take to get from pitches to release.

Throughout this week-end course, you'll learn how to find and impressed an agents, as well as trend writer skills, network, self-publish, and more. You' ll be able to exit the course and know how to compose the decisive pitches letters and synopses, and with a clear comprehension of how to put your book into printing.

The first of Liesel Schwarz's debut novel A Conspiracy of Alchemists in the Trilogie was released in February as part of DelRey UK's release schedule, published by George RR Martin in the USA. She is an author and book editor for Mslexia, the female writer's journal.

She has spent five years teaching and writing to unreleased novelist writers at the prestigious MA in Visual Writing at Brunel University and writing about publication for the Financial Times, Independent on Sunday and the work. One of Ireland's most accomplished writers. Having not found a conventional editor, she published her 2010 trip memoirs, Moussetrapped.

In addition to another reminder, Backpacked, she has now published Self-Printed: the Sane Person's Guide To Self-Publishing and is a much-loved bloogger and orator. Mr. Glencorse heads the London branch of Susanna Lea Associates, a Paris and New York-based fashion retailer, as well as an associated Paris-based online publisher.

After three years with Frahlingur Greene & Heaton, Hellie Ogden is an agency at Janklow & Nesbit, where she established her client base and administered the work. In addition, she worked for Penguin and the book scouts Anne Louise Fisher.

Yanklov & Nesbit is an internationally operating firm with operations in New York, Los Angeles and London. Lyne-Pirkis is Senior Account Manager at Midas Public Relations and has experience working with published and self-published writers, which includes branding for novice and unfamiliar writers, and ensuring a high level of awareness for both publications and single publications.

Her work has included both literature and non-fiction writers who have written on all book categories from romanticism, criminality, history and youth to literature, poetry, architecture, literature, history, philosophy, travelling and film. She has worked with HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Mills & Boon, English Heritage Publishing, Little Brown, AA Publishing and many self-published creator.

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