Get your Book Printed

Have your book printed

So, you wrote your book. No matter what the problem is, you now have a big problem - every second book in your first edition is exactly the same as this one. The digital book printing can be the perfect solution for you! Letterpress and cover available in various designs. We get to work immediately to design, print and deliver your print.

Pocket book printing UK

You' ve completed your book, now let us take you to print your pocket book so that your public can buy, study and savour it. Print directly from a PDF or Word spreadsheet. If you order your pocketbook from Catford Print, you will receive it: Please attach your data to an e-mail:

Huge data of more than 50 megabytes must be sent to us by a data exchange services such as WeTransfer, which is free for the casual use. Briefly tell us your needs. Call us and let us lead you. Cathford Print goes the additional distance to make sure your pocketbook prints perfect the first tim.

We' ve developed a system to make sure you get the pocketbook you want for the first tim. It is highly recommended that you print a wired test print for an additional £15. If you are satisfied with the wired Proof, we will deliver the perfectly bonded pattern. So you can see exactly what your finished book will look and feels like.

Frequently selected for thin booklets to fill them up a little and also to minimize shining through. Qualitatively high-quality, cream-coloured vellum tissue, which is very much loved by publishing houses. Select this for a true Olde Worlde feeling in your book. If I find an error in my book, what happens? It is highly recommended that you have a wired copy printed for only 15GB.

Fiction is often valued as zero, but other works are not. Can you tell me what is adhesive bind? Self-adhesive binder is the classic way of making paperbacks with a quadratic pattern. Is it possible to re-print my book after the first issue? Your data will be stored at least 36 month after your publication has been printed or reprinted (longer by arrangement).

Are there other kinds of hardcover book offers? Are you able to use a Microsoft Word document for printing? There is no PDF or Microsoft Word document. Are you still able to reprint my book?

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