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If you want to be published for fun or for profit, the goal to be published online is a worthwhile undertaking. Obtaining your writing published online on sites other than your own blog can seem daunting. TIME-LIFE former and acquisition editor, publishing wizard, Molli Nickell leads authors from manuscript to agent to contract to published book. Would you like a guest blog in a high-level publication? Get Published Online | Beyond Your Blog shares tips & strategies that bloggers need to publish their posts on websites.

First publication on the web for newcomers

Whether you want to be published for pleasure or for profits, the goal of being published online is a rewarding one. Newcomers to the industry have the opportunity to publish on the web in small specialized journals with a global public. When you have a computer and broadband connection, you already have a big edge.

There is no need to think about the rush; you are already one jump ahead of those who will go online later. there''s a lot of stores online. Most of them concentrate on small niche areas, which makes your chance of being published even greater if you have a specialty. Nowhere else will you find a more comprehensive source of publication that is more easily accessible than on the Internet.

But you have to do things a little differently with online and off-line publishing. So the more folks do your work, the better. Online is expanding. Increasing the amount of online browsing will increase the chance that your work will be found.

A June 1997 Price Waterhouse reported that more Americans spent more hours online than off-line instead of online now. One third of respondents use the web instead of having to study a textbook, paper or journal. Are you saying that you are published in a small scale e-zine that only 100 112 poeple per day a period, but a few large integer contest advanced that knowledge is publicized by 1000 group per day a series.

You could include this book in your biography, which will be better known now than when you were born. When your work is published online, it could be easy for someone from another culture who may never have seen your work off-line. When you publish your work on the Internet, there are certain hazards, and probably even more.

One of the greatest fears of incipient authors is the counterfeit of their work. There is an increasing anxiety on the web because a bi-lingual in another nation may be able to reproduce your work in a different tongue than their own - without you ever noticing. But are your misgivings different from the large business, newspaper and publication corporations that have taken this chance themselves?

Examine the market. They need to explore and find the stores that are printing the type of article or story you are writing. List the books you like and don't like. Notice how often a publishing company will update its website, how long it has existed and whether it will list what will appear in the next edition.

This is an indication that the report has a lot of patience and will not vanish abruptly or be out of date for five-month. If there is advertising or not is not a good indication of profitability, because there are free online advertising exchange or placement of advertising on websites.

The frequency with which a publisher refreshes and stores its contents is a much better indication. How can I find out more about the online markets? Authors' policies and freelance chapters are good starting points. Authors are sought for in the literature in our policy data base. However not every release or occasion is included in these paragraphs.

They need to know how to look for other stores and options. "Attempt key words like'author rules fantasy' or'submissions fantasy' or'submissions rules fantasy' and other combo. Make a listing of papers that you like and that you see as submission options. Attempt key words such as "Author Rules Fantasy", "Submissions Fantasy", "Submissions Rules Fantasy" and other combo.

You' ll find many books that tell you about your work. Regularly review your resource to have an up-to-date listing of places where you can post your work. You can also connect with other authors around the globe via e-mail, mailinglists, newsletters and online chats.

There are new groups of authors that are exclusively online. This is a good opportunity to find out about the politics and preferences and repugnances of journalists in certain journals. Contact other authors with whom you can exchange information. Locate information points that directly supply you with the information you need about online stores and about changes and possibilities on the web.

It is also important to keep an overview of your entries. Keeping an eye on your entries allows you to remain organised and focus on your objectives. Or you can apply yourself by building a homepage on which you can register your publication. A number of documents provide a hyperlink to your homepage when they are published.

You can even set up a mailinglist to inform your reader about your new work as soon as it is published, if you get enough traffic to your website. As soon as you have published some works in two or three well-founded journals, you should have a sound resource of faithful people.

Now is the time to get started online. It' the continuous expansion of the world wide web that you bet on when you start to become a successful business. All the online activities make the online typing image look very encouraging - and you still have a shot at getting to the mall!

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