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We invite all prospective and established authors to publish now! ("usually the first in a series") so that people get to know your writing. This is a comprehensive self-learning program in the form of an easy-to-use workbook. They have published a book and now find it difficult to be noticed in this crowded publishing sector. They can publish their work in different media.

Publish now

Ask for a free self-publication tutorial and start now! Proffesional editorial, publication and merchandising service. We' ll help you to make your books as good as possible and to find your people. Expertise and commitment. The management of our company has more than 65 years of management expertise in the printing sector. Assume full patronage of your publisher's futures.

Publish now

If you have any further queries, or if you are willing to begin your publisher's adventures, please review the following information and get in touch with us! So before we discuss our service too much, let us try to understand what it means to be "collaborative self-publishing", also known as "custom publishing". Conventional editors have always chosen a finite number of works for publication on the basis of their estimates of what might be selling and the styles of works they wanted to associate with their masthead name.

Since large volumes of book were historically produced before publishing houses knew whether they would be selling, there were high up-front costs for the publishing house and a high level of exposure. So, they chose a small number of works that they thought could be safely distributed, gave these writers an upfront payment and then small emoluments when the works were distributed.

When you couldn't persuade a conventional publishers to collect your books, you had to pay for all the cost of their work. Now, as we are living in a realm of electronic publication, e-book reading and on-demand print engines, there are many more possibilities.

We do not pay out large sums in advance (and then pay you small royalties), but work with major publishing distribution networks such as Amazon to make author's works available in both print and pocket, without having to have them in our inventory.

This means for you that you can select how much you want to publish and buy this standard of service from us - instead of finding tens of thousands and tens of thousands at a time to buy a large amount of print long before they do.

We offer full-service editorial and publication bundles starting at $2000 ! As well as the big advantage of low upfront costs, and YOU are the one who decides whether you are published or not, you also get a lot more emoluments per sales than you would have ever done if you were published as is.

After all the charges and expenses, writers get on board about 50% of the sales prices of each digitized textbook and about 20% of each pocketbook they sell! So if you are just beginning to think about a work and want help from the beginning, if you have half-written a work and need help to finish and edit it, or if you have a complete script (fiction or non-fiction) and are willing to leave, we can help you.

Our goal is to make sure that you identify with a publishing house that share your assets. Professionals work with you to make sure your books meet your visions and goals while at the same time complying with your industrial standard. You will be guided by our specialists through the entire lifecycle, from the initial concept through the script to the finished, published work.

We will assist and accompany you from your initial advice, through the submission of your material, working with us to get a definitive finish, approval of the finished interiors and envelope designs, to the time you can offer your books for purchase. Our particular emphasis is on professionals who want to contribute their expertise and experiences to a textbook in order to promote both their own and their company's competence in their area.

We' ll make sure you have the free moment to concentrate on being the specialist on the theme of your books as we work to be the specialists on how to copy, modify, formatted, and release what you are writing - there's no need for you to study how to do it all - you can just concentrate on writing your work.

Understanding the importance of client service, we are ready to help you throughout the entire lifecycle. We provide a range of publishing packages depending on how much you want us to do for you and what your publication goals are.

While we have bronze, silver and golden packs, with large enclosures, we also have many add-ons to further enhance your authors or company profiles, and we are able to customise a pack to your specifications. From working with you to get your books published on Amazon in digital form, to building your book/author website for you and a variety of other astonishing features to make it easier for you to get your books from concept to completion and help you be recognized as an agency and drive your sell!

We can also help you with the preparations and developing of your script if you are not sure if you are willing or if you have written only a part of your text. When you are willing to leave, you must first select the kind of editing and assistance you need at this time.

It' s a very simple whole publication procedure - select your pack, submit your script (or take a note when you're in the early stages), let us know your requirements/instructions and we'll work with you to make it exactly the way you want it. We' ll also help you with the first sale and we' ll maintain the current channel interfaces - so you can lean back and start writing your next album!

You can find out more about our products and service on the Products and Service page - Select your product and start your copy today!

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