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Receive a ready-to-print book cover. Do you print book covers are different than ebook covers, so if you have an ebook cover, you are not yet done. Choose the size of the book. Specify the number of pages in your book. In order to receive a quotation for book printing, please fill in the following form.

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All sorts of book types; softcover, paperback, photo book, monographic, novels, textbook, children's book, photo book.... everything is possible. Test us now - give us your latest pricing and specification and we will do our best to outperform it. In order to receive a quotation for book print, please fill in the following contact sheet.

Do you want a book cover for your bound book? End papers are the pages between the hardcase and the inside pages of your book. How many words does your book have? Do you want more information? We can make an e-book copy of your book. It is possible for us to stock your book and to fulfill/distribute your book orders.

Select'Yes' here and we will mail you further information. Do you have a prize to beating? So if you already have a prize for the specifications you have mentioned here, please let us know the prize (plus all the details) and we will do our best to exceed it.

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Typical uses of bookwrap are in pure textbook, such as novel, biographical and non-fiction. Tissue is best suitable for a wide range of color and picture-book, such as cooking and travel guides and schoolbooks. Adhesive bound' is the default book cover size for softcover book. The' PUR binding' has the same appearance as the adhesive bond, but is more stable and long-lasting.

Wiro binding' - also known as helical or ring bonding - uses laminated metallic wire to bond together a document. Do you already have an ICSBN number? ISBNs are clear book identification numbers and are necessary if you want to publish your book on-line or in bookstores. You have the possibility to create your own covers and/or insides.

Please send us the text in a Word file and pictures for the inside pages as well. When you need this feature, we will get in touch with you to make you an individual quotation. Draft: You have asked for a quotation for our designservices. The non-binding quotation is sent seperately and is not contained in this quotation.

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