Get Paid to Write Short Stories

Gets Paid to Write Short Stories

The world' s largest website for short story jobs. You can find $$$$ Short Stories jobs or hire a Short Story Writer to bid on your Short Stories job at Freelancer. They can write short stories, mysteries or puzzles and game books. Anybody can write a story, send it to a magazine and get paid. Next time you have a paper you want to submit, why not send it to us?

Be paid for short story writer with this Nigeria based application.

The authors are paid for a recently launched application, TNC Short Stories, when their 5 minute short stories are viewed. The TNC Stories, or Stories by TNC as it is also called, is available for both iPhone and Android customers. This was necessary in a publishing industry where publishing houses have problems, but message application delivery systems are constantly growing," says Olawale Adetula, the company's cofounder.

Adetula's Helium Media is a media publishing house committed to help Africa's publishers monetise the contents they produce. TNC has several different platform and now includes the TNC Stories application in its offering. Helium Media has reported to date that it has 1,000 authors listed in its publications with whom it works throughout Africa.

"It was one of the things that quickly became clear to us that conversation was the most comfortable and logical way for humans to enjoy it. As a result, we conducted a lot of experimentation with different contents and after several repetitions we came to the TNC Stories App," Adetula adds. There is nothing new about the TNC Stories application in the field of digitally formatted music.

It has recently come to the forefront with the announcement by Ev Williams' media that it will be paying those who post their writings on the plattform, on the basis of the number of electronic gossip, esteem they get for their work. The difference to TNC Stories, however, is that the short stories are supplied in short text mails like you on a message delivery system.

The reader can then respond to each post with an emojis and if they like a particular narrative, they can tell it to the author by posting a remark. Authors have an administratorashboard where they can see how much they have made of their stories, how many stories they have posted and an opt-out when they reach the payout time.

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