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To be paid for writing

There are sites out there that pay authors that much or more. You have a preference for interviews, publication trends, freelance success stories and self-publication tips. These are fourteen lucrative ways you can be paid to write from blog writing to magazine writing. There is no "startup" fee to pay. There are indeed many blogs and online magazines that you can pay for stories and articles immediately.

¿Get Paid to Write: 26-page fee for freelancers $100+

How would your revenue look like if every order paid $100 and more? Websites that publishers are out there paying that much or more. Ignore these appearances and go to pages that offer better prices. This is a 26 page listing of free-lance authors we have selected new market segments we have never seen before.

Although these pages cover a wide range of different niche markets (e.g. financial, educational, healthcare, technological, travel, etc.), they all have one thing in common. However, they all have one thing in common. However, there is another. This is websites that charge $100 or more for Blogposts, Postings, Essays, Essorials, and other kinds of work. How you will play a show with one of these pages paying more than $100 is by posting a sound inquiry note, a well thought-out blogs article or a customizable Letters of Intro.

Looking for websites that offer better prices? Compress your sales muscle and begin throwing to make $100 or more per order. From $100 to $200 for small items. Three hundred to four hundred dollars for longer functions. Michelle Pippin, an economic specialist, writes for guests on subjects such as working with clients in the fields of quality assurance, quality assurance, quality assurance, quality assurance, quality assurance, quality management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Pay up to $150. That site will pay $100 for 1,500 words post on almost any subject. Up to $0.25 a week for essay, literature and comic books. Launched by @JerinMerina, this site is a cookbook, but not just for cuisine. This website features editorials, tutorials, interview experts, nutritional advice and even health coaches.

Check the website (more than 10,000 items) before making a request. $180 per item on issues related to power, the economy and the enviroment is paid to its investor-oriented readers. Contents manager Laurie Greenwood says economic writers should throw energy-related histories on topical news cases, trade and academic articles as well as corporate messages.

The site is devoted to coverage of the games industries and will pay up to $250 for items. The site will pay $100 for 1,500 word blogs (from mothers or fathers) on business, work-life equilibrium and the methods, resources and procedures needed to be a prosperous freelance contributor. That site will pay $150 for 1,500 word items on wellness, anti-aging, beautyness, lifestyles, parenting, prescriptions.

Up to $150 for student and professional theatre stories. Sites will pay $100 to $200 for properties. Do you want to write about WordPress? Up to $150 for blogs on themes and themes. Fewer than perfect parents pay $100 for contributions on convenient ways to be a parent. What is less than perfect parents?

Publisher Trace Gibb says the site contains diary postings about things like simple ways to prepare healthful food, making it simple, children's handicrafts, family-friendly activity and other subjects. itch your postlog ideas to Tracey by e-mail to Yes, this blogs will pay $75 to $150 for articles on professional subjects that aim to help authors rise and make more.

Check out the policies, browse the styles, and take a look at the kinds of blogs we're looking for. Here is a site that will pay $125 and above for blogs post and features article about gestation, maternity, parenthood, parentsing, family living and other subjects. Writer Madeline Holler says she is looking for voiced, bossy authors with a good feel for humour who can write for mothers.

Pay up to $150 for 1,000 to 2,000 word blogs. The site is paying $250 for contributions about disabled persons. On this page we publish an article about how to create your own applications and pay $100 to $300. Seminaphone is looking for papers on developer utilities and practice, building automations, applications delivery and how to configurate, integrates and develops music.

Here is another site that will pay $100 for blogs post about WordPress and Genesis-focused Tutorials. Well, we also pay for ratings on WordPress topics and plug-ins. The Christian-oriented website will pay $300 to $375 for 1,200 to 1,500 words on marriages and families, ways to help kids grow their beliefs, and personal interview.

Visit this website for up to $150 for 800 to 2,000 words of article about travelling tips, experience and adventure to help others and inspiration them to see the wide range of the game. We are looking for information about work, life, volunteer work and study abroad. Here is another travel site that will pay $100 to $150 for interviews und personnal tales about folks who make a life as a travel writer, photographer oder tourist agent.

How-to-article about paying for trips can cost up to $200. That site is paying $100 to $300 for article (up to 1,000 words) about bodily well being, mental clarity and intellectual equilibrium from a hands-on, Christian perspective. ÿThis site is available in German only. With WriteHackr you can get up to $100 for your post. Founders Scott Sind says the on-line journal, which was started with a Kickstarter-Kampagne, contains How ton article, interview and branch trend about free lancer letter.

When you' ve posted for websites that are paying less than $100 per order, it's changing now. As soon as you have found a page you want to write for, here is what to do next: Which pages did you write for paying $100 or more? Writer for customers in the healthcare and gym niches, he operates 100-mile ultra marathons.

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