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Popular with students thanks to a variety of ways to earn rewards. Fill out online surveys in your free time. Be rewarded with cash, vouchers, samples and products. Skip to How to participate? Register now and get paid for surveys!

Best paid surveys sites on the web

Be sure to convert it to real money! Rather, you devote your free day to earn £100 a year by completing surveys or trying our product. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of trustworthy questionnaire pages that have been individually checked by us. Every page has a restricted number of surveys per site per month each.

When you want to make serious money, it's rewarding to do as many surveys as possible. SWAGBUACKS are a trusted poll site that also provides rewarding gameplay and video viewing. Currency, coupons and competitions. per survey: Min. pay limit: We have found that filling out surveys and surveys on a daily basis provides the best ROI for your period, but you can also fill out a much broader array of offerings to increase your revenue.

Polls take about 10 min, which means you can make about 2.40 per second. SWAGBUACKS also gives the user the opportunity to fill in surveys from several vendors and to award comfort points if you do not eligibly take part in a poll. Test, store and make coupons. Complimentary items, Amazon coupons and sweepstakes.

per survey: Min. pay limit: Five hundred for prices, 80,000 for coupons. They can also take surveys on the site to collect points that are equivalent coupons. Every poll lasts about 15 min., so it will take about 4 hrs to receive a coupon. PAY PAYPALs, Amazon and High Streets coupons.

per survey: Min. pay limit: We' ve received many surveys from these people and they have a tendency to suit your personality and interests as a user. Typically, the poll lasts about 15 min and gives you 100 points. Sign up below and just sit back and watch them sending you some polls!

Make fiftyp per poll. Money and contests. per survey: Fiftyp o-three. Min. Rewards threshold: £50. Yogov is one of the more interesting pages to log in to because of the type of surveys they do. Polls can take up to 30 min, but are not always as common.

We' ve had one or two weeks, so it may take a few weeks to reach the thresholds. However you get 1 just for linking and if you get your buddies to subscribe up too, you can get lots more points and money fast! A low payoff level. The Panel Opinion is one of the most sought-after poll pages.

Currency. per survey: £50p - 4. Min. Bounty threshold: £10. Surveys usually take about 10-15 min and you can even make up to 4 for a solo poll. You withdraw in up to £10 in cash and have a low withdrawal level. The world' s biggest (and best paid) research company working with reliable brand names and research firms.

Highstreet and Amazon vouchers and competitions for all members. per survey: One pound. Min. pay threshold: 10 pounds. They' ll e-mail surveys to you every weeks to reply to. Rewards are relatively low and most individuals can get paid for less than 10 surveys. OptiSurveybods works with top businesses who want to hear your opinions.

Currency, Amazon coupons and competitions. Surveys usually take about 10 min. and are quite simple to conduct. Three poor surveys and you're out (we like to see that as a challenge). You conduct surveys on commission from major brand names. Currency. You will be rewarded with approximately 50 points per min when filling out surveys and you can be paid out as soon as you have reached 4000 points (£4).

You will also award points to people who refer to your friend, even if you are rejected for a poll. Currency. Per poll: £1-£10. Min. Rewards threshold: 20 no charge. The Prolific Academic is a high-end poll site, which means you really need to concentrate on giving good responses to get a high scoring.

When you fall below a certain threshold, you will be filtered out of many surveys. Polls typically take about 45 mins and can yield up to £10. You can earn good moneys if you can meet the sweepstakes with this poll site.  This is a well known US site, but they are paying out checks in £s.

Currency, coupons and competitions. per survey: Min. pay limit: Reviews last around 15 mins each so you could earn 4. 80 an hr. Remember that it takes a while for the checks to reach you by mail, and we advise you not to waste your precious valuable free of charge patience with the "contest" surveys (unless you are very lucky).

Enrolment is £10 for members only. It offers interesting surveys and on-line focusing groups for major brand names and academia, whose research is often in the limelight of the newsmedia! and Highstreet (.e.g. Topshop, Topman, River Island) coupons. per survey: £50p-£4 per poll, 30 - 50 for on-line focusing groups.

OpinionPanel is a trustworthy site and its surveys take about 10 mins. Most surveys usually pays off by £1-2. There' s also mobility so you can conduct surveys on the go. Panellabase are not your standard poll site. While they don't flood you with surveys, the ones they are sending are very well paid and important to you!

Currency, coupons and competitions. per survey: averages £50p - £10 (average ~£1.50). Min. ý Rewards threshold: 10. 3 just for booking to a site is a bit of a nobrainer... The surveys are paying out higher than the industry median too giving you the chance to acquire some good pastry!

However, they choose their participants very cautiously, so you may be given slightly fewer options than other websites. Simply make sure you fill out your entire resume to give yourself the best of it. Outpost Opinion has gained widespread recognition through quick withdrawals and funny surveys. Currency and Amazon vouchers.

All you need to do is fill out 5 surveys to receive a withdrawal, each lasting about 10-15 mins. You are sending on-line surveys to members whose profile corresponds to the general demographic conditions and demands. Gift certificates (incl. Amazon, M&S, Sainsbury's, John Lewis). Contribution per survey: £1 - £5.

Min. Rewards threshold: £10. When you sign up for Valued Opinions, you will be entered into a raffle for an iPad. They will then use your personal details to submit surveys for you to fill in. Surveys are usually quite interesting and can last 10-30 min each, so you can wrap up a 10 pound gift certificate within an hours.

Formerly known as Mintvine, branded surveys are a favourite because they offer a high level of surveys. Present or hard currency. per survey: Min. Shrine: $10. 3 per poll, by invitation only. Pinenecone is an exclusively invited poll and test firm. Prizes: 3 per filled in poll, free trial and storage for each.

Rate per survey: 3, min. Rewards threshold: 3 pounds. Our evaluation: Pine cone is the Holy Grail of surveying locations and invitations are scarce, so it is rewarding to sign up while we are offering some invitations. Payouts are massive and surveys don't take too long. Currency.

per survey: Min. Rewards threshold: £20. It is an acceptable choice, but it can take a while to get the points up, as surveys are sometimes few and far away. About 15 mins. to finish each poll. iPoll used to be named and is a US enterprise named Survey Heads.

Banknotes, Gift Certificates & Journal Subscription. It' ll take about 15 min to fill out a poll, but the number of awards is reasonable. Its only disadvantage is that the number of surveys is rather small. It is a major UK poll website that provides statistics for the media and programs on topical issues.

Currency. per survey: 2 pounds. Min. pay limit: Because of their good payouts, populus live is a favorite among poll participants. Surveys may take some elapsing times to pass and will expire quickly once they have enough people. It is important that you fill out your complete resume to get the highest number of surveys.

One of the world' s foremost market research companies that has decided to carry out on-line surveys instead of conventional acquisition and so on. Money and contests. per survey: For? a review. Min. Rewards threshold: £50. For some it can take a while to get to the 50 pound mark, but the polls usually only last 15 min (so ~£4/hour) and they are paying well.

Instead of just giving you a complete listing of our surveys, we wanted to make sure you got the most out of them. That means you always have to respond to surveys instead of having to wait for one or two every months. There is no need to do this, but we suggest that you set up a dedicated e-mail for all your poll website account.

So you can login every single working days and view the polls offered (without blocking your own inbox). It is also a good idea to review your email on a regular basis, as some surveys are only open for one survey per second. Attempt to be truthful when completing these paid surveys because you may sometimes be punished for disagreeing with yourself or giving inappropriate answers.

Don't try to guesswork the system by saying that you are a rich business man or a rich lady to get more polls. There are a number of websites (we won't call anyone) that promote dubious student surveys, so make sure you do not. Place it this way, are there 1,000s of subscribers on each site overview, do you really think they can afford sending out 1,000s of free PlayStations for folks to test?

If you are looking to build a large amount and go for one of the top awards for which you have free time, then it is best to cashier in early with these paid survey sites. If you are looking to get one of the top awards for which you have free access, then it is best to do so. Note also that some websites have limitations on when you can display the points and how long they are in use.

You can request and use all of the above paid surveys free of charge. Do not be tempted to pay for a site to subscribe to whatever it promises you. All pages on this page have been tried and trusted and are real. Ifyou are already a member of one of these surveys or one that is not on the list, please let us know what you think!

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