Get my Book Published for free

Free publication of my book

A book manuscript in Microsoft Word format is required. - the commercialization of your self-published book. Selling your book beyond your family and friends requires marketing, and it is wise to consider how you will do so before publishing it yourself. Many authors we talk to are often discouraged by this idea of marketing self-publishing. Self publication with KDP free of charge.

Where can I get my book published for free?

In order to release the book for free, use either the more specialized Amazon editing tool (including CreateSpace) or con. You put your book on a number of publisher attractions (or only on Amazon, which could account for 80% of your turnover anyway) and use "Print on Demand" technology, so that your book is only published when it is ordered.

Notice: Any "publisher" who wants more than a very small charge (e.g. IngramSpark may be valuable the $40 it charges) will cheat you. This does not mean that you should not be paying something to make the book better. Most difficult part is advertising the book, either with advertisements or with work. However, self-publication itself can be free.

Your book can be published for free with KDP (Kindle), Nook Press (for Barnes and Noble) and CreateSpace (for the sale of printed book on Amazon) But free is not always the best. You can use Ingram Spark for a small charge per book, which provides a much better and more efficient way of distributing your book and makes it available to several on-line and mortgage shops.

So if you are serious about self-publishing, you might want to attend my on-line publication workshop: http://onlinewritingclasses. baya..... No self-publisher - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, etc. - charges one cent for the list. I have published 10 textbooks so far, most of them from major editors, and I have never had to pay any costs, be it for editing, advertising or anything else, e.g. "free".

It would be a good suggestion to the publishing house to get it through. As soon as a book concept is accepted, the publishing house has all the costs and the writer can concentrate on the content of the book. I recently published my book myself and it became a best-seller within the first few hours. With KDP Select you can publish your book for up to five free of charge for up to five whole working day.

As I already had an e-mail mailing lists of readers who wanted my book, I gave this special mailing to Amazon to get it for free. By a certain point in time, if you are number 1 in your chosen genre, you can turn off the free promotional offer and your book is now high-profile.

Amazon advertises your book for new customers and increases your ranking even further with your book purchases. After your book freely created a favorable feed back cycle and I suggest this technique to get the bal to roll.

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