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Practical 2: Wearing your own wheather

There is a inherent trend to hold the outside community responsible for what happens with and between humans. But one of the most important liberties that humans have is the capacity to stand still in times of high emotion and to bear their own wheather. Those who are learning this practise become pro-active rather than responsive when confronted with relationships and other issues.

When in a hurry to move through to-do listings and assignments, relations often cost the same. However, by studying to prevent flipperism, to withdraw and to explain what is really important, you can reconcile the needs of the instant with the needs of the person around you. The ones who get to think that we, not I, have a broader perspective on relationship.

By following this practise, one can move from dependency or autonomy to interdependency. The decision to mix one's talent and abilities with others can lead to a greater and deeper gain that will strengthen the relationship in this way.


Agarwal has experienced the lifecycle of a company from beginning to end, from trainee to senior deals partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Vishal was until recently a Global Top 500 Senior Leader for General Electric before becoming Chairman and CEO of his own privately held Full Circle Africa group.

Over his twenty-four-year history, he has managed all aspects of business activities from teamwork and value creation to turning multi-national vision into success. Vishal was a real globist, having been borne in Bombay, living in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, raised in the USA through his youth and now living in Nairobi, Kenya, with his family and two children.

Vishal Agarwal, the writer of Give to Get, tells us that the image of the lion versus the goat is a good example of how emotive intellect does not mean to succumb to our feelings, but to use them to cope with them. This is Vishal Agarwal's must-read & NY Times Best Sales Writer, The Art Of People. in both.

Out of Africa into the wide open space. Giving to Get offers a feeling that no matter what side of the Atlantic we are on, we all need a book like this to lead us. This book makes Vishal the kind of mental advisor that everyone in the business community wants. They demystify the international group's dynamic through appropriate methodologies that quickly address the key values and behaviors for the young, ambitioned manager's work.

Have a look and see how you can chop your way into the company jungles without losing an eye. Get the most out of it! A former editor at Harvard Group. Being a pedagogue and coach, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to meet some of the best businessmen and leaders. Vaisha Agarwal is one of the best.

This new book is a present to all those who want to reach the peak of company succes. An international TV reporter who has focused on facts and numbers in my professional careers, it is comforting to see that Vishal gives an accurate view of living in the business community. What I particularly liked was the counsel given by Vishal in his section "The Lion and the Goat", which encouraged the up-and-coming leader to take the always very hard road to victory.

This is a grandiose collection of tales and leading essays by a highly acclaimed manager. Ideal for students at the B.S. who are looking for practical case studies of core approaches they have learnt in their management and organisational behaviour class. The New York University, Stern Institute of Music. Like in my book I promise, here is an easily downloadable one.

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