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Gets cash is one of these functions. This allows you to withdraw cash at an ATM without the need for a debit card. The NatWest Bank has suspended part of its mobile phone application that allows customers to withdraw cash without a debit card due to attacks by fraudsters. You can use our self-service kiosk to convert your coins into cash. The easiest way to pay people back is to use Cash App.

Up to five payment totals 250 per days. The data of the payment recipient is not stored.

Application available for clients with UK & on-line number. With our application, you can make your business on the move fast and simple. It allows you to review your account balances, make payment and see the latest trades. There are also some extra functions that will help you even more. Gets cash is one of these functions. This allows you to make cash withdrawals at an ATM without the need for a bank transfer slip.

Up to £130 can be withdrawn within your daytime limits as long as you have 10 in your bankroll. Safety is the focus of our Cellular Bank application. Regulary, our application is tested, updated and confirmed by external specialists to the highest level of safety - and we do not store your bank details on your mobil.

We' ve taught a TechXpert in each store to help you setup, show you how to use it and help you learn both on-line and on-line trading. Up to five payment totals 250 per days.

How do I use Get Cash?

Get Cash is a feature of our Cellular Payment application that allows you to quickly make a withdrawal without using your debit or credit cards. It' great for the days when you show up for your luncheon but you don't have any cash.

It is available on Android, iPhone and Windows.

Nat West GetCash taken by scammers who steal thousand of customers

The NatWest has discontinued part of its cell telephone applications that allow clients to make cash withdrawals without a direct-debit card due to the fraud. Tens of clients have reported BBC Radio 4's Money Box program that they were cheated by burglars using the Get Cash System. NatWest spokesperson said that the banks capp is still working as normal, but that since Wednesday last weeks it has been removing the get cash part of its services.

Clients must already be registered for on-line trading in order to be able to use the application. Said: "We are conscious of an increasing number of scammers who attack clients with hackers in order to get into the GetCash services. We have currently deactivated the GetCash services while increasing the necessary levels of protection.

Nat West also said it would repay anyone who had been the victims of the fraud.

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