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Softcover, paperback, perfect bound books, printed in the UK. The YouTube channel if you want to see a video about perfectly bound books and how we make them. Use presentation printing services to save time and resources. Professional printing and binding allows you to create presentations and other articles on site quickly and cost-effectively. Do you want your book printed and ready by Christmas?

Softcover, hardback, perfect binding book, published in the UK

Perfect for annuals, handbooks, children's books, reviews and general publications. Commercial grade print and bind for any amount from a simple copy to as many as a few thousand. It is possible to select any number from 1 to thousand pieces. Here are the document you can select from: What is "small A5"? Due to the technology involved, you must begin with a large piece of hard copy if you want a DIN A4 format manual.

A5 and A4 small formats are not available for all grades of media. Polyurethane is a somewhat more costly bonding process and is needed to produce a thick bond on glossy or tissue grades. That means that the cover opens more flat and we can tie larger pages without the risk of them tearing our backs.

One example would be an 210x148mm A4 binding on the 210mm long side for a picture album or the 148mm long side for a scenery album. There are the following choices: It' not an optional feature you can select without giving it a lot of thought and usually talking to us about it!

There is a choice of high-gloss, matte or smooth surface (matte) laminates. They all improve the look of the product and considerably extend its shelf life. Tearing means that you can see the blank sheet under pressure. Off-the-shelf quality black and blank is produced on the latest generations of DDP.

It' very good image qualitiy, resulting in sharp text, images and photos. Photo prints are good and work for many kinds of book, but this is not the highest image prints we can do. It is our highest grade monochrome printer for almost photorealistic reproductions.

They are used for letterpress and you should select this if you want this type of finishing. Ask the help desk for some examples so that you can see the print before ordering. A 100-sheet can be a 200-page volume.

A 100-page eBook, for example, is a 200-page one. Caution: You cannot use glossy or tissue with EVA-bond. Choice of white matt. Made of white (recycled). It is a very beautiful leaf, more like a conventional cloth, except with the advantage that it is somewhat less transparent.

That' real Munken Print Crème 15 from Arctic Papers in Sweden. This is a very high-quality cream-coloured document specially designed for letterpress print. Usually used for high grade monochrome publications. If you are not familiar with this kind of media, please be aware that it is not a high glossy like the glossy print you can buy for your ink jet machine.

Blossom. If you are not familiar with this kind of document, please make sure that it is a semi-matt one. How about grammages? When you are new to letterpress it is worthwhile because you can assess which kind of document and which grade is appropriate for your projects.

It is a technique to verify that your work of art is ready for publication and to make it as ready for publication as possible. If this is the case, your work of art can be reprinted and you will receive a verification copy. Those are working day printouts. We offer a 5 working day delivery time.

If you want to place your order on the quicker 2 working nights, you can choose to purchase a discount. Note that these are working weekdays for printing and not weekend or public holiday. Usually, the order is delivered on the next working weekday after printing.

When you have already published this work, please select reproduction and we will use the same work.

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