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Great Britain doesn't release enough gay fiction | Bücher

The only gay book with the capacity to be sold to a majorstream public seems to be of interest to UK publishers. The fact that Andrew Holleran's latest novel, Grief, has not found a UK publishers shows me the problems the UK publishers have with gay fiction. Holleran's first novel, Dancer from the Dance, a gay classical, was released in 1979 by Jonathan Cape, one of the most important literature publishers in the state.

He was ecstatically critical of the American release and defeated Sarah Waters' The Night Watch to receive the 2007 Stonewall Books Award for literary works, but no UK publishers wanted to get involved. Holleran's latest novel is a calm one that may not ring the bell, but I am still at a loss as to why it was ignored by UK publishers.

Andrew Wilson's Lying Tongue, whose 2003 Whitbread Award nominee by Patricia Highsmith, was turned down by every UK major publishing house before being taken up by an independant (Canongate). The fact that Wilson found a UK publishing company at all was mainly due to the tenacity of his literature salesman Clare Alexander.

So why are so few high-quality gay stories released here every year? Not because there are no gay men in influential roles in the UK bookshops. But when I was working in a publisher, I realized that gay men would give gay literature over their desk. The deceased chief of mine, Frahling Desmond Elliott, turned down a script entitled Better to Reign in Hell by Dennis Pratt.

The Naked Civil Servant was released in 1968 by Jonathan Cape. US publishers such as St Martin's Press, Carroll & Graf, Suspect Thoughts Press and The Dial Press publish works by up-and-coming, thrilling gay and gay authors such as Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Patrick Moore, John Weir, Patrick Ryan, Bett Williams, Glenn Belverio and Barry McCrea.

You will find new gay authors more thrilling in the Blogosphäre or in strange literature journals like Chroma than on a publishers listing. It seems that UK publishers are only interested in gay authors who are moving into a major streamline. However, US publishers have shown that gay advertising can be a potentially profitable one.

James Lear's Back Passage, the porno name of UK writer and reporter Rupert Smith, was rejected by every UK editor before it was taken up by an US press-rev. Cleis Press. But perhaps it is a mistake to put the guilt at the publishers' mercy for the shortage of gay and lesbian magazines available to bookstore browers.

And, unfortunately, most young gays today are more likely to be reading the confession of an heiress of Paris Hilton than a novel like Holleran's dancer from dance.

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