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""I discovered Gary Halbert for the first time in a very strange way. That' s what I asked myself a few months ago when I was on a Gary Halbert Riss. Hi all, I have tried to find a full list (in order) of all Gary Halbert characters so far I finally found a source down with that. The Gary Halbert Copywriting Seminar (videos). Gary Halbert's Copywriting Seminar is Gary Halbert's best seminar on copywriting!

Writing advertisements and/or mail that sells is by far the most marvelous way to earn the kind of cash you could ever have hoped for.

Writing advertisements and/or mail that sells is by far the most marvelous way to earn the kind of cash you could ever have hoped for. Writing texts that make a profit is as uncommon as chicken fangs. And if you make it, I really think you can make your own one.

What leads me to a decisive point: If you really need first-class copy-writing..... As you see, the few of us who can actually do it (write copy that sells) are so much in demand, you can' even not think about setting us unless you're willing to expend an arm and a leg. It' s a good idea to have a copy that will help you.

Stage one is to build a "FACT SHEET" of what you want to do. So let's make a world-class copy (in this case a promotional letter) of a project you're very well-versed in. Let's put an ad in the paper about your vehicle. The lyricist is trying to do!

OK, let's say you've decided to send a promotional email about your vehicle. Let us start with the factheet. Here is something else: make sure you have it right in your head, what you create is a classified fact page.

They should quite literally satisfy you that CONFIDENTIAL FACT SHEET with any scraps of information about your vehicle you can get. Let's say you're done with this move and your fact sheet is as gigantic as you can do it..... let's say, maybe 15 pages long. We are doing this by reviewing our fact sheet very thoroughly and translating the facts contained therein into usefulness whenever we can.

Your vehicle fact sheet should contain tens and even possibly even hundred of facts about your vehicle. As this is a fact sheet, not all of these facts will be good and not all of them will be profitable. By far, your proposal (consider it a proposal ) is the most important part of the overall advertising campaign we are building here.

" You give me $35,000 and 10% of your total and I'll put an ad in for you. Anyway, I want you to come up with the most potent proposal and cut it down to paper. "Gary, I'll get you my two-year-old Dodge for only $6,500. This is a very detailled CONFIDENTIAL FACT SHEET.

An DEAL SHEET that contains the most powerful proposal you can provide, which has been limited to letter. The next thing we will do is programme our neuronal, brain infra-network (our mind writing) as it is like to make world-class copies. OK, do you recall how I stayed with you in some of my last editions to make a "swipe file" of good advertisements, advertising mailings and so on?

All I want you to do now is go to your bat record and extract the best adverts and sells characters in your collection that sell autos. Do you say you do not have a search dossier with advertisements or other types of notices? You' re telling me you thought all you had to do was turn on your text processing and in the midnight the dental nurse would come and make your copy for you?

Okay, okay, if you've at least learnt that much, then old kindhearted guru gary is ready to help you out of trouble again. I am very serious when I urge you to put together your own copy-writing toolkit, which should include a set of headlines, good advertisements, good advertising mailings, good TV spots, good idea, good deals and so on.

I' m speaking about David Ogilvy and the ad I reproduce was selling the entire US Rolls Royce Automobile stock when it ran. Couldn't get enough vehicles to buy! They want good typing to be one of your automated abilities and transcribing great advertisements and promotional mailings in your own hands is the best way in the whole wide globe to do this.

Rolls-Royce radiators have never undergone any change except that after the death of Sir Henry Royce in 1933 the RR logo was altered from read to read ebony. Rolls-Royce manufactures the Bentley. Anyone who feels reserved when riding a Rolls-Royce can buy a Bentley. To drive a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, please contact one of the dealer on the opposite page.

This is a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, which I can offer you so cheap that you will hardly believe it! No, what I do is specialized in nothing but used Rolls Royces and I have created a notable way to bring these vehicles into the land at such a low price that it will take your breath away! No!

And in fact, this does not apply to anyone who is really in a crush on the Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is different. At the incredibly low cost I can provide and the 100% funding I can provide, it might even be less expensive to have a Rolls than the new one!

You have something you want to market. But whatever it is, I will make you a promise: if you really do everything I wrote about in this note...... in other words.... if you check exactly what you want to be selling.... and.... if you make a complete and detailled CONFIDENTIAL FACT SHEET..... and.....

If you make a detailled listing of the ADVANTAGES from this fact sheet....... and..... afterwards you will be reduced to the letter of the most powerful (and important) BID that you can possibly make...... and.... afterwards you copy the three Ph. Copyright © 2003 Gary C. Halbert.

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