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One page to describe DrinkingGame: I' ve decided to write a first-person account for one of my games and post it for your pleasure. Favourite:'The Second Quarter Fighter Source','Vengeance','Snowball' Best Throne Game Fanfiction Memoirs. I' d like to write a Hunger Games fan-fiction story, but I need ideas! Here you can post your searches and requests for Hunger Games Fanfiction.

Chapters 1 Sprouting Roses, a Harry Potter + Game of Thrones Crossover Fanfica

I do not own Harry Potter or Game of Thrones." Lora was now borne in 277 A.D., one year later Harry was borne. Márgery was still in 284 A.D.-birth. There will be some sections longer than others, depending on how much Harry has to do, as this narrative will be more focused on him.

It' where anything can go down, especially when you're Harry Potter. Harry is a 20th ct. sorcerer in many realms and must rescue the earth from Lord Voldemort. He could have been borne in the Arctic and Fire at Haus Stark and could have been the most honorable and sharpest of all werewolves, or in Haus Lannister and a screaming Leo dreaded throughout the country.

However, this year he was borne in the Rose Mansion, Haus Tyrell. So how's he gonna do the big game or is he gonna do it? Olenna Tyrell ate her breakfasts in one of the many high guard woods and enjoyed the early dawn as she took a short break from all the policies and intrigues that came from the reigning high guard except for the name.

"Harry! "Olenna Tyrell shouted when she saw her favorite grandchild run away with unexpected velocity and was after him with a chevalier who had taken an oath on her ancestor. He may be the oldest, but he showed evidence that he was as stupid as his dad and Harry, while at the same time showing more brains than his older brothers and dad combined were too fierce in their heads to be trustworthy.

It was desperate for the sake of the home's brightening if she couldn't get Loras to be wiser, even though she knew from her own experiences that it was unlikely to work, or she was a little concerned that she somehow made Harry reassure herself and act more responsibility.

Olenna had to get at least one of her grandchildren into form, or her home would fight poorly once she was gone, Olenna thought with a hint of conceit that she would never appreciate. After a while, she recalled a note from Lord Hewitt at the beginning of the year asking if he could sponsor one of his girls in Highgarden.

His audacity had immediately prevented Mace from agreeing to insult the Hewitts, which was a concern in itself, but unlike Olenna, he could not see why Lord Hewitt did. Wanting his daugher Loras to come near so she could persuade him to get married when they were old enough to be the new Lady of Highgarden.

She could marvel at his self-confidence, although Olenna, if the little woman was unable, thought she would never let her come near the high guard crown. Yet Lord Hewitt was one of their most powerful minions and a wise man with significant impact on their navies as his isles served their navy.

Lord-Hewitt's selected child would be raised here, so she could see if the selected child was good enough to take her place here, and Harry would be raised in Oldtown, where hopefully Lord-Hightower could administer him to his reassurance. This was a dicey scheme she knew, but no one won the game of the thrones without taking the risk she thought for herself.

Without knowing what his grandma had planned for him, Harry hid in the garden to stay away from Ser Cole after putting a cake in his heels. He was well rewarded to be driven through the garden and the talk he would certainly receive from his grandma Olenna and the screaming of his dad Mace.

It seemed she believed that he could be more than just a blade at the side of his older brothers Lora's, for whom he had no regard at all. Lora was totally bloated and conceited and tried to control him, but Harry had other ideas for his later years. Thankfully, Lora had been borne before him, for he did not have the dominion of range above his mind, however much Lora praised himself for believing that it was something his sibling longed for.

Enough to make the six-year-old smile, Grandma would certainly have her hand full to make Lora's Harry a halfway respectable gentleman. As things calmed down again and the chivalrous forces were moving on, he went back to the fortress and smiled as he saw the frowning on the faces of Lora and his dad, who seemed willing to burst just to be chopped off by his grandma, who was the first to speak, on her knee.

" She had a strong vocal expression and immediately sent both Loras and Mace out to dinner like a couple of wandering cubs.  Harry was smiling and Olenna could not help smiling as she felt his limitless power and excitement, but she shaken herself and succeeded in training her facial expressions into a severe make-up before gesticulating for him to join her in her rooms where she wanted to talk about theuture with him.

"JONATHAN: Have a seat, Harry. "Olenna explained it to him and the kid took her by surprise by doing what he was being told, no, she thought it wasn't that strange. It was Mace or Loras he ignored most of the times. He had light-eyed, prying ly what she wanted to tell him.

"You' re going to be raised in Oldtown with Lord Hightower while Lord Hewitt's daugther comes here, your dad has offended the man to keep our home stronger. "She just said it to him and Harry just blinked and let Olenna believe that he could hear what she was saying to him, and her expectations for him grew.

They were right, even Harry could see how stupid his dad was by offending their minions, by accepting recognition for their accomplishments, and the Hightowers were one of the most mighty and prestigious homes on the Raa. "Olenna also meant it to him with her own face.

" Said it would help him study the game. because he knew his whole existence would be more interesting. Next mornings Harry said goodbye to his wife and daughter when he was in Oldtown for the remainder of his years.

She hadn' t even taken the trouble to see his little sister while her mom was crying, and she clutched him for a few moments while she was crying softly into his shoulders. and Harry would smile and tell her. "She gave him one last embrace before his dad came to him.

He glanced at his dad and asked himself how such a man could have come from Olenna Tyrell. "Maybe Lord Hightower can make you a real chevalier who won't embarrass this mob. "Mace said and he didn't even see Harry's small eye or Olenna's, and Harry just said it cold.

"Good-bye, Dad. A smile and waving to his grandma and mom, who beckoned back as his dad went back to the palace without a look back, upset Harry even more and made him happy that he would be away from his father's clown for a while.

On the way to Oldtown through the river reaches, Harry enjoys spending a few evenings camped under the star when they can't sleep in an inn. With a view of the clear skies, Harry talked with his own star images such as the kite, the roses, the wolf and the lions.

Submerged under the sea and looking at the peculiar surroundings under the sea. Passing by, the freshwater flowed and the vegetation was moving in the light stream and he was smiling and savouring the cold waters when a shine on the river bed struck his eyes. Skyrocketing briefly after a breath of fresh wind, Harry turned up before returning to the river banks and leaving the ring, before submerging again and dragging the blade and then the rock to the river banks.

Not noticing his presence yet, Harry wiped himself before he began to clean the sludge from his captured objects. When Harry wiped the sludge, he was thrilled with the waves in the blackened iron, Harry knew about the maestros who had told him that this could only be seen in Valencian iron, and he asked himself if the saber had a name.

He did not know how it had landed in the flames in Mander Harry, but he was still thankful. that this was his saber now. Then he saw the peculiar colors of the rock; it was a light bronce shimmering in the light and when the sludge had been rinsed from its various sides, Harry realized that it was almost as if the rock had dandruff and felt hot even after all this lagoon work.

It was a dragon's idea, Harry thought with reverence. Because of his small height, cleaning didn't take long, but it was a weird thing, as Harry could have sworn that he glowed easily and felt warmer. It was set in regular golden, but the rock was too big and too darkness, reminiscent of kite glass in its colour ing, but it was as sleek and powerful as diamonds.

There was no crest Harry had heard about during his stay with the Maester, but somehow he felt it was important. Harry had a tough job hiding his new treasure from the men who accompanied him to Oldtown because he knew they would take the blade, the blade and the ring away from him if they were found for themselves after the whole blade and the blade were rich.

Lannister would probably make someone a gentleman, or at least a very well-off man, just for the occasion. You passed the Citadel, home of the Maesters, but it was the great beacon and the palace that gave the name to the reigning royalty, Hightower, that catches Harry's eyes.

Well, Harry thought with reverence, it was certainly a vision. Built from the same kind of cement as the remainder of the town, it was an impressive construction and the lighthouse on the top must have been seen for kilometres in a gloomy darkness, Harry thought very impressively of the efforts that must have gone into the construction of such a work.

Slightly swaying the vessel was of little importance to Harry, who looked at Hightower with reverence, really looking forward to explore the huge edifice and almost jumped off the vessel as soon as it was near enough to the small jetty just to recall the manner Olenna had compelled him to study, otherwise he would never again raise a dagger or a horse-riding.

So, he eagerly awaited the barge and went out where Lord Leyton Hightower, his grandpa, was there. He looked big and strict, not by far as funny as his grandma Olenna Harry thought, but he welcomed him anyway, as the man's ward asked and smiled.

"Thank you, Lord Hightower, for giving me the heat of your people. "said Harry in a quiet but reverent tone of voice. That'? Hightower gave a bossy nod before saying to his most stubborn grandchild. "I' ve been commissioned by your sire and your grandma to make you a boy deserving of a great home, I myself have learned of your unrulyness and I mean to put an end to this childhood once and for all.

" It was the cold of the sound and the dazzle that frowned on Harry, he hadn't been that menacing, had he? Well, he thought with anger to himself, when Lord Hightower thought he was going to be a good little kid and do everything he was told then he had another thing to come to Harry that was outragedly decided. Sure.

They asked him to join Lord Hightower in the palace, and while he was still smoking inside, Harry took a walk behind him. Later, shortly after supper, where Lord Hightower had presented Harry to the remainder of his familiy, who was as snobbish as Lord Hightower himself, Harry was already in his room, and missed Highgarden.

But it seemed that every single moment he saw it, it was as if his gaze was trying to outwit him. There was no good cause for Harry's confusion about the impetus to keep the ring to himself, but it was still a stomach instinct and his stomach hadn't let him down yet.

 Harry jumped up and dropped a little notebook from his nightstand onto the foreigner, but to his great astonishment the notebook went right through him. He was quite upset about the assault and said to Harry. "and bewildered by what he was about to say.

Harry thought, especially after you just tossed a script through him, and asked a pretty dumb one. "The foreigner inflated himself with no available fresh breezes, as if insulted by the prompt... "Then he said angrily and Harry glanced curiously at the ring. Eventually, before he asked his next questions, Harry glanced at the foreigner and was fascinated by his looks.

He needed responses and wondered what he was carrying in his hands and asked his next one. "Harry watched carefully and the foreigner seemed to fight for a minute before eventually responding. "It' a channel through which the deceased can briefly come back to the alive realm, and the conjured mind cannot but reply to every query you ask.

" He said angry, didn't want to say the right thing, but had no option and Harry's gaze broadened to what he had said. "and you have to respond to every single query I ask? "Harry just wanted to verify what the foreigner had said. The man fought again not to talk, but could not stand to tell Harry what he wanted to know.

" He snatched and Harry was temporarily overpowered by the opportunities that were now open to him. Every answer he wanted, every contact he now wants within his grasp. He was replaced by a man Harry had wanted to see since he first learned of his story.

" said Harry when he contemplated the most celebrated chevalier that had ever known. In fact, he was a great vision and Harry was all of a sudden very excited when he was confronted with such a great soldier, especially one he worshipped. Looks furious for a second when his break was broken, but Harry talked before he could call Harry to summon him, and managed to look the mythical chevalier in the eye, however fearful he was.

" He glanced at him in a strange way for a minute before he laughed at Harry's awkward attitude and recounted it to the young boy with cheerfulness in his eye-- He was immediately reassured and excited. "Aemon glanced at him with a cheerful look before he answered. "Aemon was smiling and liked the concept of educating a schoolboy.

so don't let that bother you.

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