Funny Story Writing Ideas

Fun stories write ideas

Attempt these funny story ideas exercises to heal writers' block. The brainstorming activity helps primary children to plan a funny story. Encourage your child to write more with this fun worksheet. More ideas about Funny animals, Funny pics and Writing. A huge cat chasing a cowboy on a horse - a great photo story to write!

Join your kid in planning a fun story.

Don't you just enjoy seeing your kid get a good feel for it? The things my grandkids think are funny are so great. Wish I could take in every stupid story, every phrase, every giggling and laughing and keep it for a wet one! As soon as the child is six or seven years old, they are willing to write with humour.

Also, if your kid is a little on the serious side, here is a brain storming exercise developed to help children think about ideas for writing a funny story. Get some funny storybooks together. Dependent on your child's size, you can find some great funny bones out there! Because your aim is just to bring humour to writing, use this period of your life to study brief novels on basic but fun topics, even if your child's understanding of writing is more developed.

Make an empty cartoon stripe for your kid by splitting a computer page into six identical empty rectangles similar to a cartoon stripe. Sketch a straightforward story line on a scrap of hardcover. Sketch a center circular and six out of the circular to look like a net.

And if your kid isn't used to comics, show him some samples from the paper or Select a protagonist. Encourage your kid to pick a protagonist for his or her funny story (animals, poultry or a dinosaur are good themes). Consider a story with the protagonist.

When your kid can't choose an inventive funny story, encouraging him or her to use an ideas from a funny or funny story he or she already knows. Complete the story web. Put the theme in the middle of the story web. Put the story in detail on the story web.

Ask them to suggest the detail by asking them: Who' s the protagonist of this story? So what was it at the beginning of the story? Then what did happen? So tell me something really funny that just happen. So how did the story end? Use the story web to record ideas for a song.

There is nothing for your baby to do. Gimme her that empty cartoon you made up. Inquire them to paint an image with the story web detail in each border. The best thing is a mule. Book B teaches the kids to make a funny story with the writing stages, starting with writing and brain storming and ending with a finished work.

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