Funny Autobiography Examples

Fun autobiography examples

There is a funny page of autobiographies that will help you in this respect. A fun autobiography example to help you have a light Twitter biography. Explore ideas for CV examples. You will even find tips for writing autobiographical essays here. CHRISTIAN: A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To My Grave.

HYILIARIUS 7 and Smart Twitter Bios to verify off

I recently came across some amazing Twitter bios that both made me laugh and appreciated people's intelligence. It' s one thing to create a biography that will tell me what you're doing, but a completely different one that makes it both fun and laughter.

It' great to see Jamie putting his personal interests first before he gets into the commercial side of things. He was named the best social media advisor in Omaha for 2011, which made him "no brainer". Organic Calvin Lee is a very eye-catching work.

His modest way of expressing his interest in social media made me smile. And when even Chris Brogan says he's a good bloke, I couldn't do anything bad to get his webcams in my streams - followed. Generally I found the combination of words in her biography very funny and also instructive.

I was immediately able to see more of what she had in mind with the extremely nice picture and the Twitter wallpaper. Though I have known Boris for a while, only today, after a little bit of disorientation on my side, I began to give more consideration to his biography. Combining sincerity, friendliness, curiosity and ambition with a short history of interests has led me to have it in my time line.

Melissa Stewart was a new awesome complement to my time line. A further biography that attracted my interest is that of Chris Luzader. Now, don't get me misunderstood, I think a Twitter bi is obviously just one thing that is important for a winning Twitter-presentation. These 7 examples are just a few of the ones I was very much struck by.

You come across any great Twitter-bio lately? You think it's important what we say in our biography? Plan contributions in the best online communities, work with your teams and monitor the effectiveness of your contents - all in one place. Implementable sociomedia consulting.

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