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These are recent novels by some of the French writers who will be there. Pages in category "French fiction". Fourty years after its publication, a French noir classic has been translated into English a contemporary fiction course in one of the modern foreign languages. My aim here is to refer in relation to the French language to the. nouveau roman (French: "new novel") was open to influences from works written abroad, especially by William Faulkner, and from cinema.

up to 10 French novels to study

PANTIN, France - France, or the French-speaking world, as not all French-speaking writers come from France, will be the special guests at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair, which takes place from 11 to 15 October. In order to get a feeling for the present state of the French literature scene, you will find here 10 recent books by some of the most discussed members of the French delegations at the Frankfurt Book Fair, whose works have been interpreted into English.

Subtitles by Sam Taylor. Subtitles by Charlotte Mandell. It' a true story, by Delphine de Vigan. Subtitles by George Miller. With her kids in school and her foreign admirer of documentaries, a writer encounters a perfectly stylish ghost writer who skilfully assumes her own lives and, like a cube, almost lives her will to do so.

At the end of the volume, the boundaries between fiction, insanity and fiction blur so far that it is no longer clear whether they can be drawn anew. Subtitled by Helen Stevenson. Subtitles by John Cullen. In The Meursault Investigation, Daoud, an Algiers based reporter, tells the tale of Albert Camus' classical "The Stranger" from the perspective of Meursault, the unidentified Camus protagonist's bro.

Daoud gives the man killed a name, Musa, forcing the readers to re-evaluate Camus' history in the contexts of Frencholonialism in Algeria and contemporary religionism. Subtitled by Michael Lucey. Our reviewer Jennifer Senior saw a "Hillbilly Elegy of France" in this autobiographic homosexual coming-of-age tale playing in a French town in the midst of demise.

Sync by n17t01 In " Ladivine ", a psychic traumatic experience follows the life of three women: an immigrated African grandma called Ladivine, who works as a maid, her daugher Clarisse, who is marrying a Frenchman and, ashamedly, keeps her mother's life hidden from her ancestor.

Subtitles by Lorin Stein. Houellebecq's "Submission", infamous for its cynical, procrastinating attitude to French modern societies, struck like a bombshell when it was released in France on the fatal 7 January 2015.

More out of the tiredness of the world than anything else, this dystopic portrayal of a prospective France that chooses a Moslem leader to quickly turn the land into a Moslem state is a dark, funny textbook that can insult almost anyone. Subtitles by Frank Wynne. Despentes, who worked as a streetwalker and maid, uses his unapologetic feministic gaze to select the revealing detail of the informal ennnui and small hypocrites of modern French culture.

Her" Vernon Subutex" novel serial - there are three - is a bestseller in France that has been celebrated by critics. PETRONILLE, by Amélie Nothomb. Subtitles by Alison Anderson. Nothomb, the son of Belgium's diplomatic family, was one of the most productive French-language authors who has almost published a novel since her first novel "Hygiene and the Assassin" in 1992, when she was just 26 years old.

Petronille, a foamy investigation of the feminine relationship in the French Champagne, is exactly what the Nothomb lovers want from her.

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