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Freelance is a concept that is often used for a selfemployed individual who is not necessarily tied to a particular employers in the long run. Freelancers are sometimes replaced by a business or a temping firm that sells freelance work to customers; others work on their own or use trade organisations or web sites to find work.

Freelance activities differ from sector to sector and have evolved over the years. Self-employed professionals can demand that their customers conclude agreements in some sectors, such as consultancy, in order to obtain a contract in this area. During the period of their journalistic or literary career, freelance professionals can work for free or "on spec" to establish their reputation or a relation to a work.

A number of freelance professionals can prepare cost quotations in writing and require down payments from customers. The remuneration for freelance work also varies according to the sector, abilities and level of expertise. Self-employed persons can calculate per workday, per lesson, per unit wage or per projec. Rather than a lump sum or remuneration, some freelance professionals have introduced a value-based price methodology depending on the value of the results to the customer.

A disadvantage of freelancers is that there is no guarantee of pay and the work can be very risky. Freelancers " and their derived concepts are often reserved for employees in literature and other areas of art who on their own initiatives produce works and then look for a publishing house. Freelance work also includes those who have been dismissed, cannot find full-time employment[3] or for sectors such as the journalistic industry, which are becoming more and more dependent on temporary work instead of full-time work.

16 ] Freelance professionals are also college graduates who try to make ends meet during the term. Freelancer interview and blogging mention selection and agility as advantages. Freelance professionals often earns less than their salaried colleagues. Whereas most freelance professionals have at least ten years of freelance working before they start working independently,[3] seasoned freelance professionals do not always deserve an equivalent level of work.

Member feedbacks suggest that web sites like are prone to attracting low-paying customers who demand very high quality but are willing to charge ~$10 per hours or less. Cheap providers often provide work at prices of 1 to 2 dollars per hours. As most of the ventures involve tendering, pros will not participate because they are refusing to work at such prices.

It has opened up many professional possibilities, broadened the available market and helped the services industry to grow in many countries. Offshore out-sourcing, on-line out-sourcing, and crowd-sourcing rely to a large extent on the Web to enable economic accessibility for telecommuters, and often use the technologies to administer the work flow to and from the workstation.

Many computer freelancers are relocated to emerging markets outside the United States and Europe. If a freelance author signed with an editorial journalist but does not appear in the body of his or her article, many magazines and papers provide the possibility of applying it. It allows the author to obtain advantages while still being considered a freelance and independently of a particular organisation.

There is little influence on whether a author is a freelance artist or an associate in the United States. Freelance professionals often have to take care of their own contractual, litigation, accounting, sales and management tasks. According to the European Forum of Liberal Professions, the:: "They are a well-qualified group of self-employed persons without an employer and without staff, providing specialized professional service of an intellectually and knowledge-based nature".

Self-employed people work flexibly in a number of different professions: creativity, management, science and technology; they are not a homogenous group and therefore cannot be viewed or studied as a whole. The alleged drawbacks of self-employment in Europe have prompted the European Union to explore this area and to draw up drafts that would make it illegitimate for businesses or organisations to hire self-employed people directly, unless the self-employed person is eligible for services such as pensions and sabbatical.

The UK, where the conditions for EU membership are the subject of heated debate, would result in a significant transformation of the way in which freelance work is treated and would have a significant effect on the industrial sector; it would require either freelance workers to have the contract workers' prerogatives or to work only with freelance workers who are already working for an agency or other organisation that grants them these are.

The statutory definitions of a private entrepreneur require that he has more than one employer who fosters a freelance ethic. National and state authorities in the US began in 2009 to strengthen their supervision of self-employed persons and other staff classified by the employer as independents. In the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)[30], the Minister of Labor was advised to concentrate on the wrong classification of staff as impartial contractor in specific studies.

" Strengthened regulations are designed to make sure that employees are fairly handled and that businesses do not misclassify employees as unrelated suppliers in order to prevent the payment of appropriate wage tax and contribution to workers' accident insurance and benefits. Simultaneously, this enhanced implementation is affecting businesses whose businesses are built on the use of non-employees and those whose businesses are independently trained to work as outsourcers.

Pursuant to these bylaws[33], a development organization cannot contract out its work to a development advisor without employing the advisor as an associate. However, the agency was able to employ an independant entrepreneur who worked as an electrical engineer, designer or artist. It poses issues of current consultancy practices, as a typical enterprise commissions a consultancy or a self-employed advisor to meet company-specific needs that are not "outside the normal course of employers' business".

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