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Guides such as the Lonely Planet employ both freelance and employed authors. Those jobs are great, but not always easy to get. Isn' t it wonderful to be paid to travel? Find Freelance Travel Writer Jobs. Catch the right Freelance Travel Writer job with company evaluations and salaries.

Qty-four travel magazines and websites that publish freelance authors

If you' re dreaming of a writing job, imagine yourself seated in a coffee shop and the sunshine flowing through the window to illuminate the desk? While you are seated and slurping a steamy pale, write scribbles in your notepad about your journeys around the globe. When you have travel history to tell, many stores are more than willing to buy your destination tales, advice and experience on the street.

Do not think that writing travel reports is restricted to travel-specific journals or travel sites. A lot of locals and regions are looking for travel reports, sometimes also for places in their own garden. In Pamplona, many people imagine writing journeys as a story about strolling the world and walking with the animals, researching the antique relicts of Rome or jumping on islands in the South Pacific.

This is only a small part of the travelogue. Publication s are often even more enthusiastic about tales about the reservoir an hours away, which make a simple week-end trip or the near metropolis with a new arts exhibition and a great dining area. Check out these 34 paid travel malls for just a few ideas where you can sale your travel writing.

The Matador Travel is looking for inventive writing, photography and videos "that appeal to the adventure, culture and identity of individuals all over the inworld. As the website does not record a particular transaction, who writer will report transactions that range from $0. 03 to $0. 09 per words. Send a long-duration travel detail or item and make $50 from the BootsnAll website.

While this page often looks for traveler testimonials and advice on how to save, pack and other subjects, be sure to read the guidelines to get an impression of what BootsnAll is looking for at the moment you want to do. Slides and histories usually vary from 800 to 1,500 words and functions can be up to about 5,000 words; payment may vary.

The UK travel journal releases up to 2,200 words, as well as short programmes, specialist interest featuring and customer products. Payment is usually 220 (about $325) per 1,000 words, but prices differ. The AFAR-Magazin is aimed at people with a university education and high incomes who are looking for a close relationship through travel. It is looking for sites for a large unit (with focus on a unit of a specific neighborhood), messages, tales of locals and meals.

Whilst its rules do not cover rate, who will report writers rate that ranges between $0.50-$1. 50 per word. a... Be sure to post travel stories about GoNOMAD travel destination, activity and experience, but be aware that this website is looking for items that match your own unique styles and view. GoNOMAD policies say: "If you are writing for GoNomad, it is best to use the language of the guide, the advertising fuzz and additional fuzz.

" Items are usually 800-2,000 words and a full listing of the places and subjects that the posting seeks is included in the policies. It is an on-line magazine for medium to high-end, social travellers. She is looking for authors for individual works and works regularly with them to provide photographic histories, travel reports, "Top 5" lists and more.

Payments vary depending on your level of expertise, length of equipment and writing tests. It searches for new contents and tales that divide the mind of each city. As a rule, each edition contains about five highlights, about half of them in US cities and the other half in the world. Histories vary from 750 words for a section to 2,500 words for a specific property.

Whilst this journal has no unique entry rules on-line, Liberom with Writing says that 95 per cent of this journal is commissioned by freelance writers and can pay up to $1 per year. Travellers to Atlanta are relying on this mag for destination-based inspiration, and the release also encouraged travellers to come to the city. Review the policies to see when requests are taken (usually at certain locations).

The payment differs. Describe Canada's folks, borders, places and editions in this six-page annual issue. There purchases about 30 functions per year and payment will vary. The airliner is looking for travel, life style and biz. Feature is usually 600-2,000 words, but short parts can contain up to 100 words.

Payments vary and the journal has a four months uptime. In this book, deserts enthusiasts can read all about the northern US deserts for those who enjoy the area' s nature and culture. Wild animals, adventures, history, desertification and travel reports are in great demand. and more... Items with pictures will get a $50 pay.

Telling storytelling and sharing knowledge to travellers with zip could be the template for Escapees Magazine, which specialises in zip-style. Only fully authored items are accepted on request. Hawaiian Hou! is looking for a refreshing view of Hawaiian travel, cultural, human and vital. Commemorate the marvels of Kansas with this book by Kansas Tourism and its partners.

Payments vary. Los Angeles Times' travel section is looking for tracks with a powerful optical element. Travel must be undertaken within the last two years and authors must adhere to certain ethics, which include refraining from travel. Payments vary. For RV fans, this book wants travel reports with an RV bracket.

Up to $900 is paid for photographs in the case of engineering scripts and less for shorts. Browse the breathtaking coastline of Oregon and tell tales of everything from all-day cruises to restaurants and historic places. It is a journal looking for innovative travel and travel storytelling.

Tales usually cost $150. We specialise in automobile, travel and security products, as well as items that address the needs of corporate travellers. Up to $100 per item. The payment differs. The book acknowledges RV lifestyles. Published for expatriates, this book looks for a wide range of works on working, life and study abroad, as well as culture and cuisine.

Payment is usually $50 to $150 for an item with 1,500 to 2,000 words on the Internet. The Emirates Airlines in-flight newsletter provides the opportunity to publish on travel and life-style issues. Verge is aimed at travellers between the ages of 17 and 40. They are looking for items about volunteer work, work and study abroad and are paying 10 Cent Canadians (.07 USD) per first-aid.

Alaska Airlines' quarterly in-flight newsletter searches for items such as news, travel, technology and personalities. It is a major part of the airline's corporate culture. The airline's corporate travel guide wants to tell a story that ranges from inside information and service-oriented consulting to food and facilities. Payments vary. American Automobile Association releases Via Magazines, which concentrates on car travel to the West.

Payments vary and you can order policies by sending an email to Included are Missouri, South Illinois and Indiana, along with East Kansas. One 1200-word characteristic usually costs $400, with an extra $150 possible if it is also featured in the magazine's twelvemon. Present New Mexico's wealth y cultural and environmental heritage through this New Mexico Tourism Department book.

One third of the reader lives in the state and the reader outside the state usually visits twice a year or so. It is looking for a vibrant journalistic blend of stories that show the reader what they can do in New Mexico. The payment is usually 35-40 Cent per words. Although only a few years old, Roads and Kingdoms collects the awards and receives the Society of American Travel Writer Golden Prize for the best travel journalism website.

It'?s 50 cent a second. The Air Canada in-flight mag is looking for tales with a keen local interest (not just travel reports). Parking spaces must include locations served by Air Canada or Star Alliance members. The payment differs. What travel books would you include in this listing? She is the editor-in-chief of JHStyle Journal and her work has been published in Discover, Backpacker, Western Confluence, International Journal of Wilderness and Planning Magazines.

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