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Jobs for freelance translators, jobs VisuBeData Media Services, Inc. Temporary and/or freelance translators for English > Latin-Spanish are currently being sought in our language department in Burbank, California....

. German to Brazilian-Portuguese translators (Freelance/Tempora..... VisuBeData Media Services, Inc. At the moment we are looking for freelance and/or temporary translators for English > Brazilian-Portuguese in our language department in Burbank,.....

Translations for August 2018

You may find many on-line tools to help you with your translation. The translation project includes those that involve the translation of a text from one to another one. It can be Spanish, Arabic, Spanish, French, Arabic, English, German or any other English speaking group. If you are skilled, highly skilled and gifted, you can begin tendering for translation jobs.

When you think you can, offer for translation services and get charged an annual fee of $200 per service, based on the scale and type of work you do. Do you need a translation of 400 words from English into German? We kindly ask you to offer only mother-tongue translators. You need a translation of 400 words from English into Canadian.

I would like someone to take a brief course from English into Greek for me. I want someone to interpret like this: Audiotranslation: Translation. It is for someone who is interested in a long-term relationship/partnership because I have a constant need for this kind of translation.

They must be able to communicate in good command of Chinese and German (both of which are fluent). Not Google translates or the like. Subtitle video from German into Chinese. We are looking for an experienced professional with more than 3 years of translation skills, you need to be able to talk and type well, maybe in the longrun... we are building a new multilingual and multilingual website witheseas.

I am looking for experienced translator. Right now I need 2 translator(!) I also accept interpreters of other language, please let me know which language you can work with. Our course memos are in Bahasa Melayu (Malay), we need our course memos in Microsoft Word - 14,000 words in all.

I' m looking for a German-Portugese interpreter. Seeking a long-term, high-quality English ñ German ñ German ñ English ñ German ñ Russian ñ English ñ English ñ Russian ñ English ñ German ñ Russian ñ English ñ English ñ Russian ñ English ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian ñ Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Russian Since this is a long-term undertaking, we are looking for a reputable and trustworthy interpreter to do the work and deliver the highest possible translation work.

You' will be asked to compile tips and reviews that revolve around various.... 1300 words on three pages for speed. We' re looking for someone who speaks English and fluently German and French. Translation is directed at the field of electronic commerce. We' ll tell you and educate you about the concepts of online advertising, but we need your translation abilities.

We have 400 transparencies in Spanish and maybe already 200 transparencies in translation. The transparencies are in Spanish, my order is to convert them into English. 10 days. 150 dollar budge. Do you need Eastern European English speakers. There are over 100 gadgets that need to be translating from English into Bulgarian, Rumanian and English into English.

If you are Bulgarian, Romanian or Teutonic, please send us your application. They will translate my directions and news from French into French. British versions have already been published, so additional programming is necessary. French, Hindu, Japaneese, Norse, Swiss, etc. *Please specify a time limit for the finalisation of the track and sing the text exactly as it was composed, but in the appropriate tongue of your choosing.

We' re looking for a translation of one of our book about "Drawing Pokemon" from English into Germn.

  • The translation from English into Arabic is about 850-900 words, complete with titles, subtitles and descriptions. We' re looking for a socially oriented expert who speaks English fluently and either Vietnamese or Indonesian Bahasa. Assistance with the translation and authoring of contributions to society by..... There is the finished, scheduled lyrics and transcriptions available and we are looking for subtitles that only translate subtitles.

Hey! Translations of essays and rewrites into Swedish. About 300-400 items per year (possibly even more). We' re growing and hope to be able to provide even more translations into several different tongues in the near-term! I' ve got a Persian-English translation of about 40K words.

And if you are a good match, we will also consider you for our forthcoming work. We' re looking for someone who can easily and quickly transfer texts from English into Latvian. I' m looking for 10,000 words to write. To proofread a translation and change it from general English to English, I need a translator who is a first language translator of English.

Translation was done by a non-native and it seems that there are grammar mistakes. Have a look at the japanes translation in our SpeedInvoice application. They must be a natural Japonese woman who is fluent in English. I' m not going to outsource this position to translation firms, only to a mother -tongue translator.

Hello, mother-tongue Englishmen from North America! We are not mother-tongue writers, so we cannot publish any article in our mother tongue. That is why we are looking for a North American mother-tongue translation service to proofread our essays in German. Hello, I am looking for the right candidate for our long-term project.

Hello, I need an Englishman for my work. To create an MP-3 files, take a short description of the words in Russia. I' m looking for a Canadian to proof-read a translation. Please Please Please Please Please, Ich benötige ein[login to view URL] TO TRANSLATE 5 TO 10 FROM CHINES TO ENGLISH. You need to Malaysia natively translator. No.

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