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Medical Writing Freelance Jobs

Freelance Medical Writing Jobs & Projects. We' re looking for experts in medical writing for a job as a freelance author and editor. An hourly updated list of jobs. I am happy to give personal advice to the aspiring freelance medical professionals. These are some tips on how to easily get into freelance medical writing.

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As a freelancer I work for several international pharma firms (either the main administration or domestic offices). I' m writing papers for publishing in medical periodicals like The Lancet, on the basis of information from pharma firms from preclinical studies of their medicines. In addition, I provide educational material for marketing groups and material for pharma groups presented at major medical congres.

I' m specialized in certain areas of medicin, like e.g. the Nephrologie. I' m in touch with a freelance graphic and slide design and a proofreader who will check everything I do. That' s what I like, but many medical authors work in a medical communication group.

In general, you need to gather this knowledge before you can work independently. It is usually a very pleasant environment in an agency, with other individuals who have similar experiences to you. So how long have you been in your present position? Are you qualified and experienced? The majority of medical authors have a Bachelor's degree in a biology or medical degree.

Why and when did you choose a position in the pharmaceuticals industry? For a year after I graduated, I worked in the medical press, but found it rather slowly. My preference was to work in medical communication agencys that carry out marketing and project work on contract for pharmacies. What has been the development of your professional life since your studies?

I' ve worked for 10 years in different communication companies in London and Oxford, as an accounthandler and author. I had my second baby and it was too hard to go to work, so I started my own business. Until then I had many connections and experiences, so that I could work freelance and had the self-assurance to work independently.

Are you convinced that gaining extra knowledge or experiences is an asset when you enter the sector? You' ll almost certainly need a good BSc or medical diploma. A number of medical authors have a doctorate, but this is not absolutely necessary. A good communication ability is a must and you need to be self-assured enough to be able to express your thoughts.

While you are a student, it would be useful to study as much as possible about medical stats, or even to do an MBA in stats, but even this is not absolutely necessary. In your professional life, what are you most proud of? I' m turning my freelance job into a hit. Which opportunities are there for your professional life?

A number of authors also work `internally', i.e. at a fulltime employment of a pharmaceuticals group. In your opinion, what are the most important abilities for someone in your position? How would you advise someone who is looking for a position in the pharmaceuticals sector? Getting the first one may be difficult, but there are many, many businesses to reach, so keep trying.

As soon as you have your first position, it will be much simpler to move within the sector. Taking on a distribution function with pharma expertise as a first stage could be an outstanding one.

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