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Theoretically, everyone can call himself a freelance journalist, since there are no rules or qualifications for entry. In the definition of freelancer is as follows 'a person who works as a writer, designer, performer or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job etc.. Self-employed journalist: Entry as a freelance journalist.

The NUJ is the union for you if you work as a freelancer. You' re also a freelance journalist and editor.

Doing this: How to do it: Entry as a freelance journalist

There is no question - free media is a very hard job. Theoretically, everyone can call himself a freelance journalist, since there are no admission regulations or qualification requirements. In general, however, talents will gain ground and those with the appropriate experiences and abilities will be most likely to do well.

First, the best consultants are those who have been working as freelancers for several years. You don't have to ask if you're a serious journalist. NUJ also runs a freelance register for its freelance members. You can also find technical directories such as Editorial Photographers UK and professional groups and chat rooms for portable journalists, open dates, training in journalists and more.

They can also acquire new abilities on-line, for example by using BBC Academy or NPR training materials. A lot of self-employed people aspire too high to begin working on the newspapers. "Don't be slovenly, or you'd be slovenly in your journalism," explains Ellie Levenson, freelance author and report-train.

"So the freelancer never retreat...." See our Freelance Financing section for more information. Being a freelancer you are paying taxes on your winnings - what remains after deducting the costs from your income. The group was told by Sutcliffe to use a series of treacherous gimmicks that are sometimes used by ruthless editors, so be wary: "Cashing your check does not mean you are accepting their conditions of use and are not attempting to transfer your right to a play to publishers" - tough freelance sellers do the same with the sale of ownership of your work for the cost of a monthly one.

When all this doesn't seem too discouraging, there is still a warning: free media is rock-bottom. Freelance work demands a certain talent and does not do justice to everyone. Freelance means living with insecurity, even if an employee is not necessarily safer.

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