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Here you will find vacancies to which you can apply, full-time or part-time. Locate Freelancer Jobs & Freelancer Projects . Self-employed gives you the freedom to submit your own offers for jobs! As a freelancer, if you would like to apply to work in production at ITV, please make sure you are registered with The Talent Manager. Committed to helping creative freelance talents achieve their goals.

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We' re looking for a dedicated freelance retoucher / artworker to assist the Broadway Studios creativity studio staff..... Self-employed audio transcribers - UK. Because of the increasing popularity we are now looking for the interest of seasoned freelance audio transcribers and stenographers....... Free-lance web management and updating. Web maintenance: 1.....

Both freelance and full-time jobs are available. Self-employed educational researcher*. If you are a freelance scientist and author, you can:. There is a need for gifted authors to join their valued teams of freelance academics.

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Recruitment of a consulting or top management consulting for a fast-growing technology group. We recruit for one of the world's premier information and newsmarks. We are proud to recruit for one of the world's premier information and communications flags. You are looking for your next freelance distribution projects with a very succesful event portfolios?

Are interested in working on an award-winning new, cutting-edge technology that will become the biggest freelance advertising network in Europe. You a freelance PR director now free to keep the position of a top communications agent for the rest of the year? You a freelance search specialist?

Are you looking for the possibility to work with one of the most innovating labels in the run? Britain's premier freelance journal agency for classic and seasonal performers has a job opening for a full-time coordinator in Dorking, Surrey. Pearson, the world's premier education publishing house, is looking for gifted, expert and trusted authors.

The most prestigious scientific magazine in the word, Natural is looking for a journalist who commissions and edits reports from journalists and freelance professionals. Find a freelance PR account director for an award-winning PR company in Central London! Maior Players works with George P. Johnson in partnership with a resource manager who is dedicated to the fold.d.....

We are a retail-oriented design studio with over 50 employees from all over Europe and beyond, who are like a team!

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