Freelance Education Writer

Self-employed educational author

Though the non-fiction genres are often popular among freelance writers, many do not regard educational writing as a way to generate income. Authors in the education market, add your name to the WEM list! Self-employed training Writers Jobs, Work Completion of a diploma in the fields of science, engineering or related fields and at least two years of working as an author or journalist are strongly advised...

..... Edit, correct, format and help review a wide range of health education, news and publications, including:....... TRAINING & EXPERIENCY. A leader in training contents, service and innovative technological solution for a wide range of mediums, offers its customers.....

Teachers Blogger & Education Writer Wanted - Freelance Job in Article & Blog Writing - Less than 30 hours/week - 3 to 6 month

I' m looking for authors (preferably educators or with some instructional expertise, but not required) who post blogs on a wide range of subjects related to instruction and education. Some of the examples/categories include: motivating instructors, preventing burnouts, working with admins, managing classes, behavioural strategy, one-of-a-kind lesson strategy or idea, working in integrative classes, educational versatility, sophisticated study, test preparation, funny lesson plans, specific needs and education for children, etc.

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Someone who can help me make my idea come alive in a research summarized in a way that everyone enjoys. Teachers bloggers for educational materials We look forward to having you on the boat and help us create contents for our educational materials blogs.

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